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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Hamish from San Francisco, CA 
Jul 1 2004 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Unbroken -It's Getting Tougher to Say the Right Things CD
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It's Getting Tougher to Say the Right Things CD

unbroken is one of my favorite hardcore bands ever. this isn't their best shit though. their second album,, is classic and you need to own it. their first album, ritual, is pretty weak. they're both out of print but indecision rereleased them on one CD (with first, fortunately) under the name "the death of true spirit" for the price of a regular cd. you NEED to go get that. this is a comp of their 7"s and rare stuff. the stuff at the beginning of the cd is their last 2 7"s which fucking shred. absentee debate is probably the best unbroken song. then there's a pretty weak joy division cover (i love JD, but that cover doesn't cut it), then there's 3 early version of tunes which are pretty cool, though not as good as the album versions. then a bunch of ritual-era stuff which is pretty weak. so basically, this is worth it just for the first 4 tracks ('cause it's among their best material and destroys almost any hardcore band nowadays), but make sure you have the death of true spirit first.

if you've never heard unbroken, they were from the early-mid 90s and they were one of the first bands that played metallish hardcore, but with plenty of punk and classic hardcore influence. and their songs were full of emotion, but not in an "emo" way. their shit was just so intense and powerful. pretty much every metal-core band (shai hulud comes to mind) now wishes they were unbroken. holy crap.

Hamish from San Francisco, CA 
Mar 14 2002 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Husker Du -Zen Arcade CD
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Husker Du
Zen Arcade CD

This is a challenging record. It's not something that you put on and it pleasantly sits in the background. It demands your attention. This is a very dark and painful record. Bob, Greg and Grant are letting out their most inner and painful thoughts. The music reflects the lyrics; dark, angry and chaotic. Yet beneath ALL the chaos there are hints of pop hooks (the band would emphasize this later in their career). There is a lot of experimentation and a lot of interesting things going on in this record. If you are a fan of bands like NFG and Saves the Day, you won't like this. This is not a candy coated record. But once you dig through the chaos to find the great songs that lie beneath, you will see the genius of the Du. If you're new to the Du, I suggest you try New Day Rising or Flip Your Wig, which are more accessible to the newbie. Great stuff.

Hamish from San Francisco, CA 
Mar 3 2002 Rating: 3/5 Stars
International Noise Conspiracy -Smash It Up CD
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International Noise Conspiracy
Smash It Up CD

Smash It Up is one of T(I)NC's best songs, but the b-sides are slightly below average. However, the CD does have the video for Smash It Up, which is pretty cool. I guess it's worth getting if you're a big T(I)NC fan, but newbies should check out New Morning, Changing Weather or Survival Sickness instead. If you want a cheap sampler of the band, check out the Reproduction of Death single, because the b-sides are way better.

Hamish from San Francisco, CA 
Mar 3 2002 Rating: 2/5 Stars
Refused -This Just Might Be The Truth CD
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This Just Might Be The Truth CD

First I'd like to say that Refused are one of my favorite bands and that The Shape of Punk to Come is one of the most creative and interesting hardcore records of ALL time. If you don't have that, stop reading this review and go buy it. This was Refused's first full length and it's pretty weak. Just some mid to fast tempo metalish hardcore. Some of the riffs are memorable, but most of it is nothing special. The vocals are just AWFUL. Dennis would sound good on future albums, but here he doesn't sing or scream, he just sort of talks loudly. It's bad. The only cool parts about this CD are the riffs for Pump the Brakes and Strength and that Shelter yells "We're Back!" in the intro (what hardcore kid wouldn't love Ray Cappo yelling that on their album?). The rest is below average. Go buy Shape of Punk to Come. If you have that, buy Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent. Save your money by not getting this.

Hamish from San Francisco, CA 
Mar 3 2002 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Bad Brains -Black Dots CD
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Bad Brains
Black Dots CD

This CD is a re-issue of the Bad Brain's first demo, recorded in DC right before they moved to NYC. The recording is a little rough, and most of the songs were re-recorded for the self titled album and Rock for Light. This CD is really only for hardcore BB fans. There are some songs that were never re-recorded that are pretty cool, and if you're really into the BB, you'll want to hear those. But if you're new to the band, the rough recordings will probably turn you off, since it's tough to enjoy the songs when you can barely hear the instruments. I recomend you check out the self titled album and then Rock for Light or I Against I. Save this one for later.

Hamish from San Francisco, CA 
Oct 6 2001 Rating: 4/5 Stars
International Noise Conspiracy -Reproduction Of Death CD
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International Noise Conspiracy
Reproduction Of Death CD

Pretty good EP. It doesn't include the video like the Smash It Up EP does, but the B-sides are a lot better. If you have Survival Sickness, you know what a great song the Reproduction of Death is. The Transmission is a good fast song, and Simulacra Overload is a very good slow, moody song. If you're a big T(I)NC fan, this is deffinetly worth getting. If you've never heard them, this is a cheap way to check them out.

Hamish from San Francisco, CA 
Sep 19 2001 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Hot Water Music -Forever And Counting CD
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Hot Water Music
Forever And Counting CD

Absolutely amazing. But I should have known not to expect anything less from HWM. It's all here, the dual vocals, the great guitar melodies, the inspiring lyrics. If you are a HWM fan and you don't own this, make it the next CD you buy. You will not be disapointed. If you are new to the band, I think No Division is a better starting point, but this would be a good one to get next. Sometimes I think that Hot Water Music is the last hope for good music. This is proof.

Hamish from San Francisco, CA 
Sep 18 2001 Rating: 5/5 Stars
All/Descendents -Live + 1 (Double) Split CD
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Live + 1 (Double) Split CD

You'd be a fool not to buy this CD. The ALL CD sounds great. The playing is right on and Chad's vocals are amazing as usual. The track list leans a little more towards newer stuff, I'd rather have it be more of a career retrospective. Still, it's hard to split hairs with great songs like this. I especially like how they included some unexpected (but welcome) songs like Birds and Can't Say. The Descendents disc is good too. While the track list is a bit questionable (why so much from the first EP and so little from Enjoy and I Don't Want to Grow Up?), the band sounds good even if Milo messes up a bunch (but that's part of his charm). I would rather have a second ALL live CD (c'mon, Descendents already have 2!), but it is free, so I shouldn't complain. If you're an ALL or a Descendents fan, you must pick this up, it's a great buy. And hopefully it will convert some stuborn Descendents fans to the ALL side of things. Buy it now!

Hamish from Wyncote, PA 
Jul 31 2001 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Nerve Agents -Butterfly Collection CD
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Nerve Agents
Butterfly Collection CD

OK, I've been listening to this CD a lot since I got it, and I've come to the conclusion that it fucking rocks! I would say that it's even better than the Days of the White Owl. Basically, it's an improved version of DotWO. The songs are more discordant, and there is a greater sense of evil. There aren't as many sing-alongs, but the the song writting is alot better. If you like their other CDs, you'll deffinetly want this. If you've never heard NA before, they kinda have an old-school hardcore sound (think Youth of Today) but they have this whole evil thing going on. In conclusion, buy this!

Hamish from Wyncote, PA 
Feb 16 2001 Rating: 5/5 Stars
All -Percolater CD
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Percolater CD

I love this CD! I have been playing it constantly since I got it. I have all the ALL albums, and I would say this is the second best, after Allroy's Revenge. The songs are perfect examples of catchy pop-punk, done in the unique ALL style. This CD proves that ALL is, in fact, better than the Descendents. I love the Descendents, but they never did anything this good. Buy this CD and see how right I am.

Displaying 1 to 10 of 13 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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