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Customer Written Item Reviews
Displaying all 10 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Alex from Teaneck, NJ 
May 3 2013 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Terror -Live By The Code CD
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Live By The Code CD

MUSIC: I'm not a longtime Terror fan and have just listened to some of their stuff here and there. That said, I thought KOTF was pretty solid and was amped when this came out. It didn't let me down. At 11 songs, it's pretty short for a Terror LP, but it leaves an impression. The lyrics are typical Terror, basically addressing the trials we face in life from people we trust and those we don't. As for the music, it's punishing and melodic, furious and catchy at the same time.

Killer choruses on songs like "Nothing in Your Head" and "One Blood" anchor the LP, while the songs have enough variation to make them all stand out in their own way, especially on "Invasion," where there's a crazy good guitar solo midway through to keep things fresh. To me, this is clearly Terror doing their thing and doing it better than I've heard before.

PACKAGING: CD comes in a jewel case with double-sided tray art and a lyrics booklet that also details "The Code": Terror's beliefs on how you should live and treat people in the scene. There's also an explanation after the lyrics to each track talking about the message to that song and where it came from. Vinyl comes in a standard sleeve and is pressed in 5 different colorways. The album's also available on cassette if you're into that.

These guys have been around for a while, and while I'm just getting into them more lately, they seem like good dudes, and their dedication and level of care to the scene comes through in every way on this album.

Alex from Teaneck, NJ 
May 3 2013 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Between Earth & Sky -Of Roots And Wings CD
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Between Earth & Sky
Of Roots And Wings CD

Between Earth & Sky is the thinking man's (and woman's) hardcore/post-hardcore EP from Greg Bennick and Co. The CD, packaged in a jewel case with double-sided tray art, contains 5 righteous jams with Bennick on vox, 1 instrumental with soundbites courtesy of Carl Sagan, as well as a bonus track and a lengthy interview where the group expounds on the lyrics of each song and its philosophical/thematic/ethical underpinnings.

The vinyl version just contains the 6 songs, but is available on clear-colored wax.

The entire project is based on the concept of mortality and existence, the music is both powerful and catchy, and the band is full of good peeps, so if you're human, you need to own this immediately. Worth it for the interview alone.

Alex from Teaneck, NJ 
May 3 2013 Rating: 2/5 Stars
Frank Turner -Tape Deck Heart (Deluxe Edition) CD
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Frank Turner
Tape Deck Heart (Deluxe Edition) CD

MUSIC: Not too great. Frank's major label debut starts out strong with "Recovery," a ready-for-radio song that has swells and contracts as it goes along, with a rousing chorus. Unfortunately, nothing else here matches the quality of this song, which is itself nothing extraordinary. Frank's previous albums have heart, mirth, sagacity, and memorable tunes. This doesn't.

Most of the songs here are bland and on the slower/lighter side (with the notable exception of "Four Simple Words" and "Recovery"), and it seems Frank is playing it safe here, leaving the album to come off as restrained and, unfortunately, dull. Of his albums, I'd have to rank this as his worst.

This deluxe edition comes with four bonus cuts, which are also on the mellow side and are lyrically shallow as well.

PACKAGING: Like the regular edition, this CD is packaged in a jewel case with double-sided tray art. Lyrics are included.

Alex from Norwood, NJ 
Oct 18 2005 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Judge -What It Meant: Complete Discography CD
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What It Meant: Complete Discography CD

If you already own the "Bringin It Down" CD and "The Storm," there's no need to get this. As far as I know, the recording isn't remastered, the unreleased song "Holding On" is already available on the Rev Rarities CD, and the main selling point, the inclusion of the "Chung King Can Suck It" LP (the original recording of "Bringin' It Down"), isn't worth it. The Chung King material may be good to listen to once, but isn't something I would find myself playing repeatedly. Actually, the biggest surprise is the sound quality of the Chung King LP. Despite the group's well-documented dissatisfaction with it, if you listen to contemporaneous hardcore albums like Bold's "Speak Out" or Misfits' "Earth AD" for comparison purposes, the sound really isn't that bad.

Finally, the layout leaves something to be desired. It's full of photos and has decent liner notes, but could have included more photos and art from the original releases, and the CD itself looks pretty bad: just a picture of a speaker or something with double-exposure of an image of an X-ed up hand on part of it ... something like that. I know the design won't matter to everyone, but if you're going to do a discography, memories and, subsequently, photos and images, become more important. Rev should've followed the example of similar CDs, such as Turning Point's discography, or Mad Parade's "Reissues" CD as far as including artwork from the past releases.

Alex from Norwood, NJ 
Oct 18 2005 Rating: 2/5 Stars
Eyeliners -Sealed With A Kiss CD
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Sealed With A Kiss CD

This CD's like a candy bar: it has an immediacy that's potent and invigorating, but is short on substance and is ultimately lacking. With 12 bubbly pop-punk tunes in about 26 minutes, the CD breezes by, and many of the songs start to sound the same. In addition, the lyrics have a youthful exuberance and innocence that's endearing, but the downside is they don't say anything noteworthy. This is a nice listen, but I wouldn't go out of my way to get it. Instead, get their next album, "No Apologies," a fantastic CD that offers everything this album lacked.

Alex from Norwood, NJ 
Oct 18 2005 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Dropkick Murphys -The Warriors Code CD
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Dropkick Murphys
The Warriors Code CD

Let me preface this by saying I'm not a DkM fan and have only heard a couple of songs from them before, but after hearing "Sunshine Highway," and "The Auld Triangle," then learning it also contained "Tessie," I had to get this album. Sadly, many of the songs on here weren't as impressive ... "Your Spirit's Alive" is bland, "Wicked Sensitive Crew" is annoying, and songs like "I'm Shipping Up To Boston" and "Take It And Run" have energy but seem to go nowhere. This album has some nice surprises, such as the raging "Citizen CIA" and the soft "The Green Fields of France," but it's horribly uneven and ultimately unsatisfying.

Alex from Norwood, NJ 
Oct 18 2005 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Dag Nasty -Minority Of One CD
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Dag Nasty
Minority Of One CD

Dag Nasty fans are usually divided ... the hardcore loyalists prefer Dave Smalley's "Can I Say," while the more sensitive crowd goes for "Wig Out At Denko's." I'm a Denko's guy, and I think "Can I Say," while definitely an emo milestone, has some weak spots and underwritten songs. So it is that I was completely surprised by "Minority of One." Although recorded many years after the band's salad days, it sounds so energetic and fresh, and is easily as good as "Can I Say" in terms of quality, if not better. The only downside to the album is that, by now, this type of sound has been heard a million times, so that there's nothing new here, making the music seem lacking in some way. It's not, of course, it's just not original. But it's done competently and this is a strong album, so throw in a cover of "100 Punks" and this is a good buy.

Alex from Norwood, NJ 
Oct 18 2005 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Mico -Outside The Unbearable Grows CD
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Outside The Unbearable Grows CD

I hated this the first time I heard it, writing it off as incoherent and overly whiny emo crap. And it's true that the album gets off to a shaky start, as the first song does sound like ... well, like overly whiny emo crap. But the album picks up after that, and by track three, the band starts to display their virtuosity and that they can handle other styles of music. Covering indie rock, shoegazer, and even hardcore, the 10 songs here offer a welcome mix of sounds that work well together. Best tracks include "The Other World Is Possible," "Everyday Apocalypse" and "Cheers for Subversion." Nice packaging, too. Check out the MP3s at G7's website, then come back and buy the CD!

Alex from Norwood, NJ 
Oct 18 2005 Rating: 2/5 Stars
Mico/ Milwaukees -Split 7''
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Mico/ Milwaukees
Split 7''

The Milwaukees are great, and I really recommend getting both of their LPs, but the song here is nothing special. As for the Mico songs, "Roads Travelled by Everyone" is already on their awesome "Outside the Unbearable Grows" LP, and the Smiths cover is done in a simplistic poppy-punk style, sounding like it could come in the next Lindsay Lohan movie. The blue vinyl is nice, but for $5, skip this and just get a Milwaukees or Mico album.

Alex from Norwood, NJ 
Oct 18 2005 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Pennywise -The Fuse CD
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The Fuse CD

I was always a casual Pennywise fan, but after "Land of the Free?" I saw the band evolve into a punk rock behemoth with capabilities beyond the simple 2 1/2 minute song structure. With "The Fuse," the band reverts to the basic sound they covered on albums like "Unknown Road" and especially "Straight Ahead." Like the latter, the 15 songs here vary in quality ... there are those like "Fox TV," which are incredibly catchy. And just try listening to the chorus of "Dying" without wanting to sing along, even if you can't keep track of what they're saying! Yet, at the same time, the album is weighed down by pedestrian and sub-par songs like "The Kids" and "Competition Song." So this one's a toss-up ... a lot of good songs, but several bad ones as well. There are plenty of other good albums out there to spend your money on, but if you're really into Pennywise, this is worth it.

Displaying all 10 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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