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Customer Written Item Reviews
Displaying all 4 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Nate from New Milford, CT 
Jul 13 2011 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Bugs -eHarmony Rejected Me (Black Vinyl) 7

eHarmony Rejected Me (Black Vinyl) 7"

Finally! The Bugs return, albeit with a short 7", but I'm not complaining. Dangerous Dave hits us with "eHarmony Rejected Me", a fun burst of Ramones-core bubblegum with a bit of Dave's signature snotty filth-injected humor. Now side 2's "Going Down to Browntown" will have you PC punks throwing this little slab-o-wax out your window, as The Bugs take aim and fire upon urban, black society. Of course, it's done without a malicious undertone and The Bugs have been toying with gays, mexicans, hippies and even punk rock kids throughout their illustrious career (I mean shit, this isn't Skrewdriver for fuck's sake). Side 2 ends with "I'm Getting Fat", which was already featured on an Asbestos Records release called "Sci-fi on VHS" and kinda sucks..Oh yeah, this album has been released on 4 other colors through Brassneck, Dirty Witch and Surfin' Ki (only 40 copies of each color diehard). -Nathan Yell CheckMateNate@GMAIL.COM

Nate from New Milford, CT 
Sep 11 2010 Rating: 5/5 Stars
V/A -Open  24 Hours CD
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Open 24 Hours CD

Sweet. A new punk record label, Diner Junkie. This compilation is a great way to launch themselves, especially if this is the type of music they intend on releasing. "Open 24 Hours" is 22 tracks of pop-punk the way it's supposed to be done fuckers! Remember kids, All Time Blow and Maygay Parade are NOT pop-punk in its true "Joey, Johnny, DeeDee, Tommy/Saint Ben/Master King" fashion. Anyway, we got The Last Chucks (so sick!), The Peabodys (equally sick), and The McRackins. And that's just a taste. On the main menu are The legendary Queers, Parasites, and The Steinways! Not all these tracks are exclusive but c'mon, who gets sick of "Dear Girl" or "Man with the Teenager's Brain?" Chances are you'll find a rockin' new band to add to your punk radar. I discovered Wax.On Wax.Off and The Erase-Hers (yummy female vocals and a-hem, synths). So if you are into quality comps with quality content and extensive replay value then grab this before it's gone. -Nathan Yell

Nate from New Milford, CT 
Sep 11 2010 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Rich White Males/Cummies -International Losers (Split) CD
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Rich White Males/Cummies
International Losers (Split) CD

Okay People, this album is for those of us who pledge allegiance to the Rich White Males camp (The Bugs, Drunken Cholos, The Queers, etc). Although this album does not have the infamous Dangerous Dave on bass or production, it is still a solid, snotty pop-punk split. The Cummies do a cool Pointed Sticks cover (read up on power pop kiddies), but they play your basic Ramones-core with a "I'm a drug-addled mysogynist" attitude. Usually, I eat that stuff up but The Cummies leave something to be desired. The Rich White Males half of the split is the reason i need this in my collection. Russell's vocals rock on "Drop the Bomb", "S.L.U.T.", and "Clean Up". This is definitely not the same R.W.M. that put out the fantastic "We've Come to Kick Ass and Play Bubblegum" earlier this year, but overall I can dig it. And if you don't think the crude artwork and misspelled credits aren't punk as fuck then go tend to your Myspace page and add Suck Me Off as one of your friends. -Nathan Yell

Nate from New Milford, CT 
Sep 11 2010 Rating: 4/5 Stars
V/A -Science Fiction On VHS CD
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Science Fiction On VHS CD

This collection of oddball songs and bands is a pleasant blast of pure pop-punk pleasure. This is what "real" pop-punk sounds like with bands like The Murderburgers, Rich White Males and The Prozacs throwing excellent contributions into the mix. The Bugs' track was what initially drew me to this album but their "I'm Getting Fat" is a disappointing 30 second riff with the title's words repeated over and over. Highlights are Rich White Male's alternate version of "Everybody Hates Me", The Deans' "Better" and the almighty Tit Patrol's "I Don't Wanna be a Part of it" takes the cake. The price can't be beat and anyone that has a "Queer-Weasel" bone in their body should pick this one up and support the DIY approach of the label Fun With Asbestos. -Nathan Yell

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