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Customer Written Item Reviews
Displaying all 7 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Charles from Kingsport, TN 
Sep 15 2009 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Smut Peddlers -Tarball 2000 CD
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Smut Peddlers
Tarball 2000 CD

The Smut Peddlers are among the best west coast punk bands. I guess they're what folks call surf punk. I know they don't give a shit about whiny liberal PC twats, so if you're a pussy you'd best steer clear. This is about girls, dope, and action! Their sound makes me feel like I'm on the highway to hell, making it one of the best bands to listen to on the road here in the bible belt. Has one of their best known songs, "Mona from Pomona," and one of my personal favorites "Yo Yo." Top to bottom I guess the songs run together a bit, but the better songs make it a worthwhile purchase.

Charles from Kingsport, TN 
Sep 15 2009 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Wretched Ones -Make It Happen CD
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Wretched Ones
Make It Happen CD

I'm a longtime fan of the Wretched Ones. Indeed, I'd say they're one of my favorite bands, in terms of how often I listen to them. Even so, I felt like the songs on this album were a bit uninspired, especially when compared to the freakin' incredible last album, "Less is More," which I consider their best album to date. Still, you know what you're getting with the Wretched Ones, and that's solid street rock with gruff vocals, punishing guitar chords, and no bullshit. I'd recommend this album for fans, keeping in mind that it's a bit weak in comparison with the rest of their incredibly awesome body of work.

Charles from Johnson City, TN 
Jan 5 2009 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Dead End Boys -The Last Minute CD
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Dead End Boys
The Last Minute CD

Tough as nails blue-collar streetpunk in the vein of Adolf and the Piss Artists or The Bloody Sods. Actually some of the songs on here remind me of the Templars. All good comparisons, I know. Maybe these guys aren't breaking any new ground, but that doesn't bother me a bit. I sure as hell wouldn't mind playing in this band, and I wouldn't miss an opportunity to see them live. This is a good solid release by a good band. Maybe not something that I'll be spinning a decade from now, but definitely worthwhile.

Charles from Johnson City, TN 
Jan 3 2009 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Cock Sparrer -Here We Stand CD
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Cock Sparrer
Here We Stand CD

Alrighty, when I heard that Cock Sparrer had released a new album, I was psyched but probably a bit skeptical. As it turns out, they kick just as much ass on this album as they ever have. I see that they got 5 lads in the band now, and I know they started out as four. The guitars sound great at any rate. I'm listening to it right now and by the end of the first song I was positively full of regret for not having beers in the fridge. These songs have the same anthemic power of the older stuff, but it seems like they've got a more uplifting, inspiring vibe on this album. I'm telling ya, this is the shit. A new masterpiece by Cock Sparrer. Maybe their best album, no joke... it definitely has some of their best songs on it. This is what rock n roll is all about. Fuck yeah!

Charles from Johnson City, TN 
Aug 28 2008 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Shitgiveits -Freedom From Reality CD
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Freedom From Reality CD

Fast chaotic punk with a skate groove and a nihilistic streak a mile wide. Soundwise, they remind me a lot of Poison Idea. Like Poison Idea, they make me wanna get out of control and smash shit up. It is true that a lot of the songs sound similar and they tend to run together at times, so it's best to listen to a few at a time when you can read the lyric sheet (it's a bit hard to read with some of the words printed backwards and shit). At any rate, I'd say try to listen to "Kaos Control." If you like it, get the disc. I'm happy to add this to my collection.

Charles from Johnson City, TN 
Aug 28 2008 Rating: 5/5 Stars
V/A -Dancehall Troops Vol.2 CD/DVD
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Dancehall Troops Vol.2 CD/DVD

Oh man, was my jaded old ass rocked by this DVD. It's a bunch of videos and live footage of a shitload of bands... some of which you already know and love, others which you may learn to love in the near future. Don't get me wrong, there are some duds but it has more hits than misses. Mix in some skating and some footage of a strung out Duane Peters with a camcorder and you've got a great entertainment value here, definitely worth your hard-earned dough. I've bought CDs from several of the bands I was introduced to by this disc, and I'll be buying several more. Quality varies a lot, but is by and large very good. Some of the best include The Cliftons, The Smut Peddlers, Capitol Targets, The Shitgiveits, U.S. Bombs, Hunns, Texas Terri... this just rules! It inspired me to buy a skateboard, and I promptly fucked up my knee so bad I had to have surgery, so if you're in your 30s and haven't skated before you might wanna be really careful :p.

Charles from Johnson City, TN 
Aug 28 2008 Rating: 4/5 Stars
District -Don`t Mess With The Hard Punx CD
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Don`t Mess With The Hard Punx CD

Well, I'm pleased with this disc. Top to bottom, it's not what I would call awesome, as I can take or leave about half of these songs, so I was tempted to rate it at 3 stars, but the inspiring and uplifting anthemic strength of some of these songs forces me to give it a solid 3.5. "We are the Kids" and "I Crisis" are standouts. Hell, there's a lot of catchy songs on this album, it's just that a few are a bit too poppy for my taste. Soundwise, I would compare them to a less silly version of the Toy Dolls. I think they also compare favorably to Menace and The Partisans, though they're a bit more optomistic and upbeat than these bands. I really like their sound. Their positive vibe makes them great for summer day listening, like 7 Seconds.

Displaying all 7 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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