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Customer Written Item Reviews
Displaying all 8 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Sergio from San Clemente, CA 
Aug 8 2009 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Brutal Knights -Living By Yourself CD
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Brutal Knights
Living By Yourself CD

new songs from this high energy snotty "fuck you" band from canada. cd format also includes all of their songs from their E.P.'s which is a def. plus

the new songs are awesome, mostly anything i've heard from brutal knights gets me hooked.

boring city, 2025, anxiety, and support me i find myself listening to the most, but they all have that brutal knights traditional,"pants you in the middle of school then kick you in the nuts" feel

try to get their 'total rebellion" release.

cant wait to see these guys when they head over here sometime soon i hope.

Sergio from San Clemente, CA 
Aug 8 2009 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Terminal State -Your Rules LP
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Terminal State
Your Rules LP

i heard a few tracks on some websites, and i was immediately hooked, i think i heard "fuck you sid".

a fast quick punch of a song, so i picked up this release

all the songs are catchy and have energy to them, some are mid tempo but never loose their Umph.

perfect combo of dance numbers a fist raisers

if you can find anything from the band school jerks then check em out, features members from terminal state. more raw feeling but still just as catchy.

Sergio from San Clemente, CA 
Aug 8 2009 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Briefs -Hit After Hit (Limited Edition French Picture Disc) LP
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Hit After Hit (Limited Edition French Picture Disc) LP

i couldnt find anything in print for this album on vinyl, luckily i was searching through vinyl solution store and found it on clear red vinyl right after i ordered this, man..its beautiful

this picture disc is awesome, cool to watch it spin on your turntable.

i enjoy this album the most, has more of a faster feel than their other releases. i own all their albums on vinyl and this one gets played the most all the way through.

when you got tracks like poor and weird, sylvia, old dog and year long summer for starters, you know you got a good catch, every track is catchy and gets you singing along or picking up your guitar and wanting to play along.

i would reccoment this album for starters of the breifs.

glad to own

Sergio from San Clemente, CA 
Aug 8 2009 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Social Circkle -I've Got Afflictions 7

Social Circkle
I've Got Afflictions 7"

Has a Faster Heartbeat than Static Eyes E.P., but its catchyness and energy and hooks are still all there

the first song blows me away, in 56 seconds it'll hit you hard and leave you like you just got pleasured by a magical unicorn.

then before you know it life crisis hits, and returns to the feel on static eyes, catchy and energetic

canned response follows very shortly after that, and you gotta move around to that song, its hard to sit still. hits like a hearattack

then "i dont want" starts with a good drum beat, and has the feel of static eyes as well.

then your left wanting more, this is an amazing release yet again from social circkle.

gets you wanting to dance around, and when not on your turntable or on your ipod you'll be hummin the songs in your head. like i said, very catchy, energetic and a faster feel

im itching to have no way release their "city shock" LP sometime soon.

Sergio from San Clemente, CA 
Aug 8 2009 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Streetlight Manifesto -Somewhere In The Between (Rare Exclusive Blue Vinyl) LP
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Streetlight Manifesto
Somewhere In The Between (Rare Exclusive Blue Vinyl) LP

To have this album on blue vinyl makes me feel lucky

these guys deliver amazing music on any project they do or have done.

seein them perform live makes you feel priveledged to witness it and be in the midst of it all. They play and sound exactly how they do on their recordings, maybe a little faster but that never hurts

and there no exception for this release, its a 10 star album.

first song kicks off like your just heading out on a crazy adventure or some getaway chase or something. and this album and songs are placed and positioned just right, the order the tracks play and the vibe of the song makes it a very interesting listen through and through. Indulged in a story almost.

this album has a more darker feel than its previous 'everything went numb" but its done with perfection in my opinion

the lyrics on "everything went numb" hit me harder than this album but that doenst mean they arent awesome. its written with the same intelligence and catchy hooks, just sort of in a different direction i think.

so nothing is left out in this release, catchy and will leave an imprint on you just like everything went numb, def a good pt 2 . gets you dancing and singing along and raising a fist.

obviously, see them live any chance you amazing experience to see them perform these songs on stage.

Sergio from San Clemente, CA 
Aug 8 2009 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Slackers -Close My Eyes LP
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Close My Eyes LP

in all honesty this is pretty much ..well, this album, and the "wasted days" album both squeeze in as my most played, favorite albums.

i love all of their stuff and anything that vic ruggiero adds to, usually gets me hooked.

i have this on cd but was stoked to get the vinyl version to spin especially on those mellow days

old dog is a great song, i like the story to it. kinda sad but the song itself has a uplifting feeling.

i dont skip any track on this album and every song on here is worth listning to.

i've read some reviews that this album was a miss, but its def not. has just as many stand out tracks as wasted days, and will get stuck in your head for sure.

Sergio from San Clemente, CA 
Aug 8 2009 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Vic Ruggiero -On The Rag Time EP 7

Vic Ruggiero
On The Rag Time EP 7"

Never have i felt regret from buyin anything from vic ruggiero. My girlfriend Picked up a copy and after listening to her spin it on her record player in between the first track, i was hooked and ordered one myself

comes on a rad red stained-ish lookin vinyl. works well with the feel of the music.

the sound quality works perfect and makes you feel like your at some saloon or bar just hanging out enjoying the good tunes right there

first song makes you wish (if you dont already) you knew how to play the piano and play along with it. i always find myself humming it or singing it while working. very catchy

second is yet another version of lonely nights, but every version is always done swell, so no difference with this. the paino def. adds a good feel to it.

then it comes to hendersen swamp, i was excited to see how he would turn it into a ragtime style song, and its not the song i listen to the most but its one im glad that made it on the 7"

love ya mama, this version is amazing, i never really liked the version on his "my own private apocalypse" but this is very catchy when played on the piano the way he does. great record to have

and you can order the full 12 track "on the ragtime" cd at silver sprocket i believe....cant wait til it gets here.

Sergio from San Clemente, CA 
Aug 8 2009 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Fucked Up -Police 7

Fucked Up
Police 7"

Great Music! havent really listened to a fucked up 7" or album that has left me dissapointed. This is more straight forward rather than the more experimental stuff they put out with chemistry of common life (*which is also a wonderful work of music just took a few listens to get the feel of what they were trying to get across*)

first track is "police" which def. gets you shakin' your head to the beat and wanting to sing a long to the lyrics

second is a fast hard hitting song called municipal prick. definately gets you wanting to cut some rug.

then on the vinyl it says the next song is called old bill, but its just another version of police, which is basically the same just recorded a little different and has a few extra lyrics added in at some parts and some clapping.

love this release

Displaying all 8 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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