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Customer Written Item Reviews
Displaying 1 to 10 of 28 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Blake from Huntington Beach, CA 
Oct 9 2010 Rating: 2/5 Stars
...Whatever That Means -The Newest Hope CD
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...Whatever That Means
The Newest Hope CD

I'll admit that I bought this CD because of the "Star Wars" theme, the price, and the fact that they're from Korea, however I am not much interested in what this band had to offer.

I felt that there were no stand-out tracks on this EP. The six songs offer the same simple, pop-punk feel, as well as the lyrics depicting typical teen-angst. Jaw-dropping musicianship is not what you'll find on this CD. There's one faster song on the EP ("All Alone") which clocks in at 40 seconds and it was the only unique track compared to the others, as they all keep the same relative tempo, however it felt that the band was pushing their limits in this song, limiting it to the short time. With so many other acts out there that play in the same style, this release is not a winner. It need not be any longer, because by the end of it I was becoming bored.

The production quality is poor, as well as the cheap CD case in which it came. It really feels like a demo that should be given away for free with a bonus of flashy artwork.

If you're a "Star Wars" nerd and or you have a few extra bucks to spend, then pick it up. Otherwise, stick with higher quality pop-punk bands such as Teen Idols or Nerf Herder.

Blake from Huntington Beach, CA 
Oct 9 2010 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Oversight/Stoned -How Can We Say Split CD
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How Can We Say Split CD

I bought this CD specifically for Oversight. Even though I purchased it for three songs, (one of them, "Dust in the Wind", a cover) I still think it was well worth it.

After listening to this CD a number of times, the more enjoyable it becomes. First, Oversight hits the listener fast and hard with three blazing fast songs of technical, melodic gems. If anyone is familiar with Oversight, and they have an idea of what their cover of "Dust in the Wind" would sound like, they're probably right. This is not a bad thing, by any means. They keep the same basic song structure and melody while adding their own ferocious twist to it. In a sense, they give the listener what he or she wants.

I knew Stoned before purchasing this CD, however, I never really listened to much of them. I have heard better songs than what are on this disc, though Stoned offers the listener with a pinch of simpler, slowed-down tunes. I think they especially come across as this way because they trail the Oversight songs. This is not to say that their songs are not enjoyable; they've got some catchy hooks and riffs. I believe what is really lacking on Stoned's side of the split is production quality of the recordings. Oversight's songs sound much better produced, however stoned gives the listener a sense of calm as the split comes to an end.

Blake from Huntington Beach, CA 
Nov 8 2008 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Hit & Run (OR) -Lullabies For Alcoholics CD
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Hit & Run (OR)
Lullabies For Alcoholics CD

This EP is decent. The songs and vocals are a bit sloppy, which I don't care for. The lyrics aren't bad, though. The production could be better, too. Nothing on this release got stuck in my head. It's a decent skate-punk EP; nothing more or less.

Blake from Huntington Beach, CA 
Nov 8 2008 Rating: 2/5 Stars
V/A -Punk Rock Vol. 1 CD
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Punk Rock Vol. 1 CD

I bought this CD just for the Belvedere tracks like everyone else. Too bad that the songs end up being horrible. My favorite songs turned out to be from Carter Peace Mission. They remind me of old Blink 182. Veteran Flashbax and The Throw Downs are bands that just got drowned out in the overwhelming amount of music out there. I was actually pretty disappointed with this CD. If you're really into Belvedere and you want to have all of their songs, it's worth it, but you might be better off buying something else.

Blake from Huntington Beach, CA 
Nov 8 2008 Rating: 3/5 Stars
NOFX -Maximum Rocknroll (Red) LP
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Maximum Rocknroll (Red) LP

It's really old NOFX. They sound like any typical nardcore band. It's sloppy, untalented, and gritty. Somehow I'm still able to get into the songs. I like it, but it's not something I'd listen to every week. I had to buy this because it was limited, colored vinyl.

Blake from Huntington Beach, CA 
Sep 20 2008 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Trick Shots -Do Something CD
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Trick Shots
Do Something CD

Most skate-punk bands use two guitars, but Trick Shots pulls off one gracefully. In my opinion, this EP has one of the best production values compared to other Bells On releases. The songs are very catchy and the music is sped up to keep you into it. The lyrics are decent, too. It's lacking in the technical department, but the songs will sure get stuck in your head. This is Russian skate-punk at it's best.

Blake from Huntington Beach, CA 
Sep 20 2008 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Actionmen -Upa A Baba! CD
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Upa A Baba! CD

Some of the songs on this CD sound like Actionmen were joking around, but that's just what they do. I'm glad Bells On Records re-released this, because it's nice to see what these guys sounded like before (I think this originally came out in 2002). These guys have got speed and great melodies. The lyrics are really stupid, though. That's the biggest down-side. Other than that, it's a solid release.

Blake from Huntington Beach, CA 
Sep 20 2008 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Hero Of Our Time -Civilian CD
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Hero Of Our Time
Civilian CD

These guys don't really sound like Satanic Surfers (besides the fact that they both play skate-punk), but it's a great EP, nonetheless. The lyrics are quite good and the vocalist knows how to get you into them. The songs are fast, catchy and the song-writing is clever and powerful. Need I say more? Skate-punk.

By the way, if you don't get why I compared them to the Satanic Surfers, it's because these guys took their name from the first Satanic Surfers album. They even dedicate this EP to them.

Blake from Huntington Beach, CA 
Sep 20 2008 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Play Attenchon -La Ilusión Que Llevas CD
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Play Attenchon
La Ilusión Que Llevas CD

This album makes me want to remember all of the Spanish I learned in high school (there is not one word of English sung in this release). This album is very metal-oriented, especially in the guitar work. There are harmonized riffs all around. If you like technical music this one is for you, but sometimes I don't think the guitar leads blend well with the music. It sounds like they were trying to make their music as shred as possible. The sound quality is also a bit weak. The guitars sound really fuzzy. The songs pretty much sound the same. The singer has a great voice and the back-up harmonies do him justice. A true skate-punk album.

Blake from Huntington Beach, CA 
Sep 20 2008 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Never Been Famous -Charged CD
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Never Been Famous
Charged CD

Don't rush into this EP expecting fast songs from start to finish. There are fast songs, but I'd say the majority of music is slow. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though. The song writing is great. The riffs are very clever and technical. The sound quality is superb. I'm not big on the singer's voice, though. It's a bit too whiny for my taste, but it's not bad.

Displaying 1 to 10 of 28 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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