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Customer Written Item Reviews
Displaying all 5 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Robert from Chandler, AZ 
Mar 24 2008 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Northstar -Broken Parachute CD
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Broken Parachute CD

I think this CD was definitely worth the wait. Whats really cool is you can see the hints that the Cassino concept was in the works even before Northstar disbanded. Broken Parachute (alternate version) The alternate version of Broken Parachute is awesome, it really shows what a difference a little production and guidance can do, the sound quality alone makes it seem like is could have been on Pollyanna instead of ITTL. My Ricochet (alternate version) This is actually an acoustic version of the song, and I find it interesting taht they decided to call this an "alternate version" instead of simply an acoustic version because Nick has been quoted as saying that the Northstar songs were being lost in loud distorted guitars. This song really shines acoustically. For Members Only (alternate version) Antoher acoustic version, and a perfect example of what Nick mean when he said the songs were being lost in the loud guitars, this song takes on a whole new light acoustically, the once energetic album opener is now more of a soothing ballad. This really reminded me of what Cassino eventually ended up being. Chesterfield King This is actually a Jawbreaker cover, and Northstar take the abrasiveness of the original and turn it into another beautiful acoustic ballad, Nick sings the song like it's his own. Actually my favorite track. Piano Jam - instrumental This is just a great little piano piece that shows that Northstar were really talented musically as well and can move you with just the music alone without needing words. IITL Demos (Take Not a Giver, Is This Thing Loaded, Broken Parachute) These are basically almost identical to the versions on ITTL with the exception of the production (which is surprisingly good). What stuns me about these demos is the consistency of how the band plays the songs. Sometimes demos can be just crappy under underproduced blatantly unfinished songs, but these really show the band's attention to detail and perfection in their songs. Black Heart Valentine - instrumental This is actually an instruemntal piano only version of black heart valentine, again proving Northstar had a lot more to offer than just loud guitars and energetic shows. Really beautiful. If you liked Northstar at all or Cassino now (chances are you probably like both) then you really need to pick this up, hands down, it really shows that transition and kind of closes the chapter on Northstar and opens the new page to Cassino, it did for me at least.

Robert from Chandler, AZ 
Mar 20 2008 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Beautiful Mistake -Light A Match, For I Deserve To Burn (Limited Edition Orange Vinyl) LP
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Beautiful Mistake
Light A Match, For I Deserve To Burn (Limited Edition Orange Vinyl) LP

I had kind of forgotten about this album until I ordered it ans listened to it again in this format and all I have to say is that its just as good as I remember it and it really shines on vinyl. If you're a TBM fan or a fan of this album you should deifnitely pick this up.

Robert from Chandler, AZ 
Nov 2 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Saves The Day -Under The Boards CD/DVD
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Saves The Day
Under The Boards CD/DVD

Saves The Day has always changed their sound dramamtically which each record, this is probably the first time there has been an exception to that rule. I could describe this as Sound The Alarm part II, as a lot of the songs seem to pick up on the darker sound that that album ended on. Nevertheless this offers an even more in depth look into the complicated mind of Conoley with some of the most darkest person lyrics he's written to date, even more so than sound the alarm. They're still those typical sing along Save The Day tunes, just with a different theme. I still have the upmost respect for this band, as they continue to put out great different music and continue to do their own thing and evolve as they please.

The included DVD is interesting but can be a bit slow at times, its your typical in-studio hi-jinnks and behind the scene stuff, but what it really interesting is there's no music . It has a very personal intimate feel as if you really just walked into the studio with the guys as you listen to them have their own little conversations ranging from deep and introspective to just silly.

Robert from Chandler, AZ 
Aug 3 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Drag The River -...Has A Way With Women 7

Drag The River
...Has A Way With Women 7"

This si a solid release from Drag here, it has two John songs ('Strange' and 'A Way With Women') and a Chad song ('This Star'). Chad's one song is more a ballad, but it's beautiful, reminded me of 'Beautiful and Damned' a little. In terms of the Jon songs, Strange I believe is the same from one of their full lengths, and A Way With Women is has a classic country sound to it, probably one of Jon's best vocal performances. Pick this up if it ever comes back in stock!

Robert from Chandler, AZ 
Jun 6 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Signal To Noise -Kodiak CD
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Signal To Noise
Kodiak CD

Don't write these guys off as your typical "post hardcore/ emo" flash in the pan. This is a hard working band that has actually been around 3 years, touring the whole time, and seen multiple line up and name changes. Since their inception originally as "The Fly By Night" and even playing one show as "Worlds End Tonight" this band has always been dedicated to making epic powerful music.

This is a collection of some of the best the Colorado scene has to offer, vocalist/bass player Tristan Shaffer (One Dying Wish), guitar player Nolan Aldridge (Last Chance Diaries), drummer (now former) Jesse Dixon (Shogun), and vocalist/guitar player James Tanner (Harrison Bergeron). It's also noteworthy to mention Timothy Cleary (One Dying Wish), who left the band during/before the recording of Kodiak and was replaced by Tanner. This who you hear on the last two tracks of the reissued "Stop When The Rain Starts" EP, which was originally only available from the band along with "Pavement Sea" and a version of "The Wolves" with Cleary on vocals.

So why delve into the band's history so extensively in a review about this album? Because it has shaped this release. This band is about where they came from and how they got here. S2N make a beautiful noise, with swooning rough melodies that will punch you in the face (there's the hook to sum up the review). Through three years of touring and making friends in several states (just check their myspace page for evidence of that) the band has crafted a wonderful album about traveling, and life on the road, but ultimately finding where you belong back home.

Tracks 1-5 start the album off with a bang, with memorable lyrics and melodic hooks like "take all your graveyard soil and drown it in whiskey," or "an homage to the spirits of the dead, to all the relics and the things we left behind." The album differs on tracks 6-9 from the opening five but this is a good thing. That being said each song stands on its own, and is treated with that epic S2N attitude, so there is no "slack off track" they all carry equal weight, if not for the listener, then at least the band. The most fantastic song on this record is the haunting "Firework Sky" which conjured up images of my own summers on the Front Range of Colorado "...and in July the celebrations in the firework sky." and ultimately placing the band back home "here at home with love that's waiting I have found the life I need." With Tristan's rough passionate vocals alternating with Jesse's smooth voice, along with the creamy guitar hooks, and the obvious presence of the bass guitar, something magical is created. Passionate, honest music. Thrown this album on and head west, because you'll want to after hearing it.

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