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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Todd from Mililani, HI 
Jul 25 2003 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Over It -Timing Is Everything CD
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Over It
Timing Is Everything CD

Over It has a unique sound. The overall production on "Timing Is Everything" really brings out Over It's full force. Not all songs have the needed hooks to distinguish each song, however, the intros do give it an identity. What also comes off as an ear catcher is Peter Munter's vocal delivery, which hints toward the feel of Alien Ant Farms' frontman, Dryden Mitchell. The musical composition these boys create are nothing short of breathtaking. Fierce drums, soaring guitar melodies, and heartfelt songwriting should keep this album at the top of your "Must Buy" list.

Todd from Mililani, HI 
Feb 20 2003 Rating: 4/5 Stars
From Monument To Masses -From Monument To Masses CD
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From Monument To Masses
From Monument To Masses CD

I love this instrumental band to death. Love the creative approach they take with political speech samples and hip hop drumming. A great CD to groove to on a road trip, considering the length of each song. I can't wait until these guys come out with a full length. Or was this already a full length?

Todd from Mililani, HI 
Feb 20 2003 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Empire State Games -Discography CD
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Empire State Games
Discography CD

It's a shame that this band made such powerful music in such short time. If I'm not mistaken, this CD has every song they've recorded, plus a cover. There are some really interestng and creative breakdowns. Definitely a sound all its own. Buy it.

Todd from Mililani, HI 
Nov 27 2002 Rating: 2/5 Stars
Potential Getaway Driver -Fire Ice and Lukewarm Water CD
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Potential Getaway Driver
Fire Ice and Lukewarm Water CD

The first couple songs are pretty good. There's a few after but not show me this CD again. It sucks! I should've never bought it. It's a waste of space that never gets any play time in my stereo. If you're in love with pop punk that sounds the same in every song, buy it. Uh...ya...this CD sucks. I give it a two for the songs that are alright.

Todd from Mililani, HI 
Nov 27 2002 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Burnt By The Sun -Burnt By The Sun CD
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Burnt By The Sun
Burnt By The Sun CD

Oh yes motherfucker! Amazing album from start to finish. How the hell do you make music like this? BBTS's lead singer knows how to lay it down. The riffs are unreal, not to mention how it comes together with some really off time signatures. The breakdowns are nothing short of catastrophic. The drummer must be wearing ultra-protection ear muffs or something. I really wish the CD was longer but who cares. This is Burnt By The Sun at their best. These guys deserve major recognition. Unlike most hardcore bands where lyrix don't make sense, BBTS spreads their anger and feedback on the views that negate society's existence. Kick ass EP! Get it now!

Todd from Mililani, HI 
Nov 27 2002 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Park -No Signal CD
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No Signal CD

Style and originality is what makes Park the band it is. The lead singer has a really strong voice. I listened to it the first time and never thought I would be singing along to the songs. After playing it constantly over my stereo I found myself humming along to the melodies. The music is awesome. It provides the listener with a somewhat moody feel. Categorize this between an underground emo and a worthy MTV2 band, laying itself in the alternative genre. Think of this band sounding as a softer Hopesfall. I have no regrets from adding this album into my collection. It's a really good CD. Buy it!

Todd from Mililani, HI 
Nov 24 2002 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Jeromes Dream -Presents CD
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Jeromes Dream
Presents CD

Very original album. Great production from the Alone Records crew. Too bad these guys are broken up. The lead singer's voice is different from previous recordings but it works.

Todd from Mililani, HI 
Dec 21 2001 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Knockout -Driven To Distraction CD
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Driven To Distraction CD

I first heard of Knockout in the early middle of 2001. Seeing that they had no website link and no label I grew extremely frustrated. I didn't know how to get their demo. So I gave up. After about six months I came across Don't Look Down's website. They were playing a show with them and I clicked on the "links" hyperlink and sure enough they had a link to Knockout's website. At first I thought these guys were in their mid to late twenties, but they can't even buy beer yet! I followed their progress on their homepage and was delighted to know that they signed with Mr. Good and was due to have their debut out in September. The month came, and with no delay I ordered this unbelievable album. These kids are so energetic, and you can tell they love the music they play. Every song shows superior talent. The composing is intelligently intricate and the guitar harmonies play out as the bands signature sound, plus the effortless vocals. It's no wonder that as of December 2001, these teenagers from the 'burbs of Chicago have recently signed to Fearless Records. The bass player on this album left for personal reasons but they did find a new one, and their next release on Fearless could prove the pop-punk world that this could be the next Blink 182. No bullshit there. Check it out for yourself. You won't regret it.

Todd from Mililani, HI 
Dec 18 2001 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Forstella Ford -Quietus CD
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Forstella Ford
Quietus CD

Best Forstell Ford release yet, and Level Plane knew just what to do with these post-hardcore, talented freaks of nature. Definitely a big step up from previous releases. They remind me a lot like Fugazi with a more hardcore, modern feel. Look, just buy it. You'll know what I mean.

Todd from Mililani, HI 
Dec 18 2001 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Burnman -Notes For A Catalog For An Exhibition CD
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Notes For A Catalog For An Exhibition CD

The sound coming from this band is very different, but allows toleration. Extremely unique hardcore emoish awkwardness, with flickering drums that make you scratch your head and wonder when the drummer is going to keep a steady beat on the high hat. Vocals sound kind of the same in a few songs, but there is variety. Not really something you can dance to, though. Very energetic, pulse pounding music that I proudly give a "three-rating" for originality, but not really my speed. Should have thought twice before buying this, but what the hell - it deserves credibility. Cheers!

Displaying 1 to 10 of 20 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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