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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Chris from Newcastle, Australia 
Aug 30 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Brand New -Devil & God Are Raging Inside Me CD
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Brand New
Devil & God Are Raging Inside Me CD

This is not your typical brand new. This is better. They have gone from strength to strength with each album and this is by far their most elaborate edition yet. I loved 'deja entendu' like you wouldn't believe, and after my first listen i was like 'oh, this is very different', sometimes i was listening and thinking 'is this brand new?" haha. but give it a few listens and you will be putting this in your top 5 albums of all time... it's amazing. jesse's lyics are very deep and meaningful and the music is so much more different and experimentive. this is a growing band and i honestly can't wait to see what they do next. they are always surprising me and i know they will do next time as well. ' jesus' is my favourite closely followed by 'the arches bows have broken'. i recently saw them live and they are as captivating live as their music! Go and get this cd and get ready to sit back and go 'wow!'

Chris from Newcastle, Australia 
Aug 30 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Rise Against -Siren Song Of The Counter Culture CD
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Rise Against
Siren Song Of The Counter Culture CD

This is an awesome album. I've always liked rise against, but never loved them until i bought this cd. It's infectious melodies with hard hitting lyrics and punishing music is just awesome. 'swing life away' is an acoustic song that is almost the best on the album. 'dancing for rain' and 'paper wings' totally blow you away with their music and lyrics. it's an powerful album and any fan of rise against would not be disappointed!

Chris from Newcastle, Australia 
Aug 30 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Anberlin -Cities CD/DVD
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Cities CD/DVD

Awesome! I only bought this cd because i was going to see them play with copeland, and didn't think i'd really like them, but by golly was i wrong! This is one of the best sounding cd's i've heard in a long time. They must have spent alot of time producing this one, because it sounds amazing! All the songs are catchy and have really awesome lyrics. I'm a big fan of anberlin after this cd. 'godspeed', 'adelaide', 'a whisper & a clamour' are my favourites, but there are so many good songs on this album, it's hard to pick a favourite. It's an amazing record. i've heard their other albums and this one is just another step up for them!

Chris from Newcastle, Australia 
Aug 30 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Hit The Lights -This Is A Stick Up...Don't Make It A Murder CD
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Hit The Lights
This Is A Stick Up...Don't Make It A Murder CD

This is an awesome pop-punk cd! If these guys were around in the blink 182, sum 41 days, they would have owned the stereos! After one listen your already singing along to most of the cd! It's infectious sing your heart out melodies. I like this song because there are alot of songs about break-ups and girls and they don't hold back about how they feel about the girls. 'bodybag' is the best song on the album! It's so awesome you want to go and fight someone! 'Speakers blown' is another killer song with a catchy chorus and 'save your breath' is an 'up yours' to an ex flame who cheated on him... definately a favourite. this cd sounds awesome, is very catchy and a worthwhile addition to anyone who loves awesome pop-punk in the vein of nfg's self-titled album

Chris from Newcastle, Australia 
Dec 28 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars
+44 -When Your Heart Stops Beating CD
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When Your Heart Stops Beating CD

In my opinion Angel's and Airwaves album is better than this. Do i love this cd? Heck Yes! It is awesome. It has some very catchy songs and some really nice harmonies.

If you like blink 182 you will love this, even if you don't you will like it. It's alot more pop-punk then what tom did with angels and airwaves. Travis is truly a gifted drummer, and it shows on this record. Mark tries some different stuff on this record that he probably wouldn't have done when he was with Blink.

I'm impressed with this record. I was hoping to see mark try some electronic music on this record, but maybe in the future i'll get to see that.

'when your heart stops beating', 'no it isn't' and the track with Carol (who was originally in this band) 'make you smile' are my favourites. this cd has some cracker tracks and in no way is their any "fillers"

Go and buy this album now, you won't regret it!

Chris from Newcastle, Australia 
Dec 28 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Say Anything -Is A Real Boy (Reissue) CD
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Say Anything
Is A Real Boy (Reissue) CD

I bought the original album when it first came out along time ago, and just recently decided to buy this because it has 7 new songs on it. They are freaking great! "wow, i can get sexual too" has the catchiest chorus i think i have ever heard.

Max has decided to try a few new things on this record. He's got some keyboards and some of the latter songs on the new cd are more experimental, some are alot faster than his usual stuff, but his wit and strange way at looking at the world makes this a must-have cd!

Max Bemis is a one-of-a-kind type of musician. At the start of a song i will be listening to it thinking, 'ok this is pretty crap' and then by the end of it, i am claiming it to be my new favourite song. He has that uncanny knack of writing catchy song after catchy song after catchy song. If you haven't got ' a real boy' then get this double cd because the 2nd cd is just as good as the first!

Chris from Newcastle, Australia 
Dec 28 2006 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Senses Fail -Still Searching (Deluxe Edition with DVD) CD/DVD
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Senses Fail
Still Searching (Deluxe Edition with DVD) CD/DVD

Ok, i loved Senses Fail's first couple of releases and i was expecting big things. At first i wasn't really happy with this new album. It sorted of all just sounded the same to me. Then i watched the DVD and was drawn to listen to the cd again. I listened harder and i found a deeper, darker meaning to their songs and i think i like it the best out of all their cd's now. If you really listen to the songs and feel the music, you'll "get" this album. They have some catchy songs and songs that will haunt you long after the album's finished. They tried a few different things on this album and i'm pretty impressed with it now.

The DVD i think goes for about 20-30 odd mins, i actually forget. It's mainly about the behind the scenes of making the album. It has some interesting stuff on it. I always like to see what each of the band members are like, and the Senses Fail crew are down to earth, honest and they really don't care what anyone thinks.

If you like their earlier stuff grab this, it might win over a few new fans too. A solid release and i can't wait to hear what they bring out next!

Chris from Newcastle, Australia 
Dec 28 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Nightmare Of You -Nightmare Of You CD
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Nightmare Of You
Nightmare Of You CD

This is a great great album! I had only heard the song 'my name is trouble' and i bought the album! At first i was a bit disappointed because i thought it was going to be more electronical sounding, but i gave it another couple of listens and it could well be my favourite cd of the year!!! 'Thumbelina', ' the days go by oh so slow' and 'my name is trouble are the hit's but without a doubt they could all be hits. The lead singer's voice is incredible!!

At first they sounded like the killers to me, but that soon passed. This is agreat album, with as many catchy hooks as any other band around at the moment. Do yourself a favour and buy this album!!!

Chris from Newcastle, Australia 
Oct 26 2006 Rating: 4/5 Stars
My American Heart -The Meaning In Makeup CD
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My American Heart
The Meaning In Makeup CD

I must admit i was a little disappointed at first with this album. For someone who listened to their free demos that they released years ago and was in awe of this band, but it didn't click the first time i heard this album. Give it a few listen's and you can start to hear a confident young band who know how to write a good heartfelt song. Give these boys a few years and hopefully their next couple albums will see them expand and try different stuff.

This isn't a bad album by no means, the sound is brillant. (You can tell they worked alot on it) but i guess though if you listen to the same type of bands, then My American Heart could get lost in the room.

They are a great band with lost of promise and i still love the album, i just hope they can progress and put out something a little different, because i can see this band has alot of gas still left in them.

Chris from Newcastle, Australia 
Oct 26 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars
New Found Glory -Coming Home CD
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New Found Glory
Coming Home CD

Wow! This cd is so good. If you miss someone and are deciding what to get them for a present, Then give them this cd. I get the feeling that this cd is all about how they miss home and miss the special people in their lives, and it may sound like a simple premise, but as only a few bands can, NFG make you stand up and take listen and you can feel their lonliness!

This is undoubtbly their best cd for a few years. In my opinion nothing will ever beat their self-titled album but this is my 2nd favourite. They've matured alot and you can hear it. Trying new things and expanding. If you ever have liked NFG before and are still undecided about whether or not you will like this album, then just buy it now! You shouldn't think about it! It's one of the better cd's you'll buy this year! Like blink 182 and Green Day, NFG have stepped up the ante, changed for the better and put out a great album!

Displaying 1 to 10 of 22 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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