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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Drew from San Angelo, TX 
Nov 30 2009 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Ashers -Cold Dark Place CD
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Cold Dark Place CD

This rekkid rules. First recorded output from Ashers. Mad stoked for a full-length in the near future. So, what you got here is 6 tracks. 6 songs? Hardly. An intro, which is real "dark" and a great beginning to the rekkid. Then you have "Destitution" which rules. Heavy, mid-tempo, sounds badass. Next is "It's Now So Clear", another full song original which rules. Got some sick guitar work. Next we have "I Need to Know" which happens to be a Tom Petty cover song. Sounds rad, really. Then "Saint Idea" which is not really a song at all but a little sound clip lasting 13 seconds. Lastly,you have "Cold Dark Place" another original which straight up rules. I mean, let's be straight here, if you bought this/are thinking about it because Mark Unseen is in it, that's reason enough. Great rekkid. So, comes with lyric book, clocks in at 10:05 and bingo, sounds rad. Do I suggest picking it up? Fuck right I do.

Drew from San Angelo, TX 
Oct 2 2009 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Cro-Mags -Age Of Quarrel/Best Wishes CD
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Age Of Quarrel/Best Wishes CD

Holy damn! This is a fantastic album. Please buy it if you are considering. So, what you're getting here is the first rekkid (The Age of Quarrel, which they are known for) with the classic lineup (tracks 1-15) and then the second rekkid (Best Wishes-tracks 16-23) with no John Joseph or Mackie. So Harley sings. And lastly, you get 5 live tracks ("Survival of the Streets" recorded in '85 supposedly with John Joseph singing, "Premeditated" with what sounds like Harley singing, "Down But Not Out" Harley singing, "Do Unto Others" with John Joseph singing, and "Hard Times" with John Joseph singing). I actually read John Joseph's book (Evolution of a Cro-Magnon) before ever hearing the Cro-Mags. Then I found out they were playing and got the rekkid. Good decision. Heavy, fast hardcore. When I say heavy, fast hardcore, I am referring to The Age of Quarrel. However, Best Wishes is still damn good. Some people don't dig on it because its different and its not the classic lineup etc. I like it just fine. I don't really know how to describe The Age of Quarrel in a way that hasn't been said before. Just buy it. Sure, if you like the other classic NYHC bands then you will dig this. I can't get enough of it.

Clocks in at 78:18 and does not include a lyric book. Still worth it because you get both rekkids!

I have seen the current incarnation of the Cro-Mags (jam) several times and they fucking destroyed every time. I have also since got a remastered version of "The Age of Quarrel" on Cash Only Rekkids at a Cro-Mags (jam) show, which is also available at John Joseph's website Punkhouse.

Please do yourself a favor and buy this shit, then go see the Cro-Mags (jam) fucking annihilate somewhere. Also, dig on John Joseph's current band Bloodclot. And don't forget to read Evolution of a Cro-Magnon!


Drew from San Angelo, TX 
Sep 17 2009 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Black President -Black President CD
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Black President
Black President CD

Black President! This rekkid is fucking incredible. I swear, please pick this up, you will love it! Fast,catchy, pissed off punk rock. There is a good mix of songs on here, a few are slower (Neon, Watch You Drink),as well as fast ass punk tunes with the forbidden beat (Last Fucking Hope, Short List of Outspoken Suspects). But all the songs rule. You know the guys on the rekkid: Christian Martucci from Dee Dee Ramone band and the Strychnine Babies, Charlie Paulson from Goldfinger, Jason Christopher from New Dead Radio, and Roy Mayorga from Nausea and other bands. Dave Raun from Lagwagon now plays drums with them. And of course the spectacular Greg Hetson from Bad Religion & the Circle Jerks used to shred in the band. Anyway, the rekkid is comprised of a lot of great lyrics by Paulson, who writes all songs except "Not Enough", "Watch You Drink", & "Hallelujah" (Paulson & Hetson) and "Neon" (Paulson & Martucci). And of course the last track "Elected" is an Alice Cooper cover, which rules.

The lyrics are so radical, and range from shots at religion to young, rich, junkies and the media. My favorite song is "Not Amused" which you may have heard on the last Goldfinger rekkid "Hello Destiny". The GF version featured guest vocals by Ray Cappo of Youth of Today & Better Than a Thousand. However, the Black President version has Christian singing lead vocals, not Charlie. Still fucking rules! Oh, and Beat Union sings some background vocals on "Watch You Drink" which rules! Rekkid clocks in at 31:45 and comes with a lyric book.

You must go see this band live, fucking destroyed Red 7 in Austin when they opened for T.S.O.L. earlier this year!

There is not much more to say about this rekkid except that is really good and fast and will make you destroy everything and lose your mind! So good!

Fast, catchy, and socio-political punk rawk makes this rekkid stand out, please buy it!

Drew from San Angelo, TX 
Apr 16 2009 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Ronen Kauffman -New Brunswick, New Jersey, Goodbye: Bands, Dirty Basements, And The Search. Book
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Ronen Kauffman
New Brunswick, New Jersey, Goodbye: Bands, Dirty Basements, And The Search. Book

This book was absolutely amazing. No complaints. I read it early summer 2008 soon after I received it in the mail. I bought the book because I listen to a podcast called "Issue Oriented" with Ronen Kauffman, and one episode I heard that he wrote a book. I knew I had to check it out because his podcast is always full of great guest interviews with bands like Sick of It All, Cro-Mags, Madball, and Anti-Flag. When I heard he had written his first book about growing up in his hometown scene and getting into music, I knew it would rule. And it did! I could not put it down. It was really a pretty easy read. The book is split into 6 chapters, by years. It begins with his obsession with media, then goes on with '94-'95, 2 chapters on '95-'96, '97-'98, and '98-'00 and then there is an epilogue. The whole thing is 191 pages. The book takes you on a journey with Ronen as he goes through different roomates, friends, and gets through college. Starting his zine, Aneurysm, and touring with his buddies in their band, the Degenerics. Also, it goes through the different bands that he played in and the people he met through good timing, location, and love for the music. There are some great pictures halfway through the book of many of the local bands that he grew up going to shows of, as well as some more well known Jersey bands such as Lifetime and the Bouncing Souls. I had to go back and check out some of the bands that I hadn't heard, the Degenerics for example, because Ronen made them sound that good. There are bands in the book that he comes in contact with through his travels such as Chuck Ragan from Hot Water Music and Dan Yemin from Lifetime/Paint it Black that will just make the reader go, "Oh hell yea!". Oh, yea he was asked by Yemin to join what would become Kid Dynamite. How rad! Anyway, the book explains the feelings he got when he was experiencing these things, people, places, and most importantly, music. He describes in a very personal way the beauty that comes out of being involved in a scene for many years. Since I'm sure you all have your own stories of growing up and going to shows, you will probably relate to this book like I did. And since you can't go back in time and live his with him, you might as well get as close as you can by reading this!

Drew from San Angelo, TX 
Apr 16 2009 Rating: 5/5 Stars
MAPS -Model American CD
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Model American CD

Absolutely great record! But how do you know? Well, for starters, only 8 of the 21 tracks go over the 2 minute mark! That is always a good sign. I heard a few of these songs on myspace, and knew I had to get the record. I heard that Andy Outbreak from the Distillers was in the band, and I knew it was golden. Comparable to early AFI, ala "Answer That..." and "Very Proud...". So what you have here are 14 tracks that were originally for the album, then 2 covers, "Banned in D.C." by the Bad Brains, and "Die Hard Youth" by 7Seconds. Then there 5 bonus tracks after that which include 3 more originals, and then 2 live tracks which are also covers, "No Way" by the Adolescents, and "Die Hard Youth" again. Every song on this record will get you so pumped. I wish I could have seen this band live. Speaking of them live, there are some flyers on the inside of the case of shows they did. Some bands they played with include Ignite, Good Riddance, Redemption 87 to name a few. The lyrics on this record are overall really positive and are about standing up for what you believe,"Don't Give Up", "Self Control", not wanting to grow up and be an adult, "Adult World", and hatred for the police, "No Remorse". I don't know who the guitarists and bassist went on to play with, but Andy Outbreak (drums), and Tim Presley (vocals) now play together in Darker My Love. The whole record clocks in at 39:49 and it comes with a lyric book and some rad pictures. I wish they had been together longer and/or put out another record. Shit is fucking genious. There are like 2 slow songs on the record. And by slow I mean not the forbidden beat at the very beginning. But they will still make you want to smash everything with a bat and put your head through a wall. Please buy this now!

Drew from San Angelo, TX 
Jan 6 2009 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Rancid -UK Tour 2006 Book
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UK Tour 2006 Book

This is really cool. 80 page booklet, has a lot of color and black and white pictures from Rancid's 2006 UK tour. Basically like a tour journal. It has the dates of when and where they played, and a little tidbit of what happened. They played with The Unseen and Tripp and Mark Unseen are featured in some of the pictures. Some of the pictures are black and white like the videos that you have seen of Rancid or Tim's solo stuff. But it still looks cool. This is right after Branden joined so that is badass. Whats really cool is that Rancid is hanging out with their homies GBH and one night they all chill with their friends in members of the Business, Cock Sparrer, Sham 69, and Crass. Its great. They mention playing some new songs during sound check. So hopefully this is the year when those new songs will finally see the light of day of their new rekkid! Until then, buy this and keep your fingers crossed that the new rekkid drops soon!

Drew from San Angelo, TX 
Jan 6 2009 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Rancid -B Sides And C Sides CD
Click for more info

B Sides And C Sides CD

Well, here you have it. Most of the Rancid songs found on various compilations. And yea, you guessed right, its good. Sure the songs don't flow like a full-length album because they weren't written as one. They were produced at different times so they sound different. It still has some great songs on it. When I bought it I recognized, "Killing Zone" from Give 'Em the Boot 4, "White Knuckle Ride" from Punk-o-Rama Volume 10, "Sick Sick World" from the Warped Tour 2001 comp, "Tattoo" from Give 'Em the Boot 5, which you may also have heard Time Again's cover of it on their S/T EP. Also, I had heard "Just a Feeling" from Fat Music for Fat People, and "I Wanna Riot" from Punk-o-Rama 1 and the Roots Radicals EP. The rest were pleasant surprises that I hadn't heard. As stated in previous reviews, there are no liner notes, pictures, or information on where the songs are from or dates from when they were written. So if you are expecting a B-Sides record like NOFX's 45 or 46 songs where Fatty tells you everything about the songs with pictures, well think again. That said, I still suggest you pick this up, so you have all these songs in one place.

I heard that the ones they are selling at shows have info and liner notes about the songs so check that out. Most of the songs you can probably guess which album they didn't make the cut for. This is not to say they are bad songs because they are fucking great, but as far as style you can guess.

There is a good mix of Tim songs and Lars songs, and some that they both do, which is great. Matt sings the lead on track 4, "Dead and Gone". Track 7, "100 Years" is an instrumental. Ben Zanotto of course you've heard Lars sing about him in other songs such as "Roots Radicals".

There are several reggae/ska-ish tunes that would fit right on on Life Won't Wait such as Track 2, "Stop", track 7, "100 Years", track 8, "Things to Come", track 15, "Clockwork Orange", track 18, "Brixton", and track 20, "I Wanna Riot".

The beginning of track 4, "Dead and Gone" sounds like the beginnging of "GGF" to me. Its fucking great.

You may also notice that this release is on Rancid Records as opposed to Hellcat. Interesting, but I think it fits.

Clocks in at 45:31, so hopefully this rekkid plus Tim's solo rekkid A Poet's Life that I'm sure you already have combined, will keep you going until Rancid finally drop their new rekkid this year!! Here's hoping!!

Drew from San Angelo, TX 
Dec 17 2008 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Joe Lally -Nothing Is Underrated CD
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Joe Lally
Nothing Is Underrated CD

Joe Lally shreds. I cannot compare this to his first solo record, There to Here, as I have not heard it. But this one, boy, its good. Really lo-fi, quiet songs. That does not mean he doesn't totally get his grovve on on tracks like "Tonight at Ten" and "Painfully Aware". Great singing. This is comparable to his buddy Ian MacKaye's current band, The Evens. As his primary instrument is the bass guitar, you hear that and feel that in every song. Not only is it the backbone of the songs, but its at the forefront of them. After all, 8 of the 13 songs have no guitar. Joe's bass and singing is the only constant throughout the record. 3 songs do not feature drums. He is joined on this record but his Fugazi buddies Ian MacKaye on guitar on tracks 3 & 9 and backing vocals on track 11, and Guy Picciotto plays guitar on tracks 2,5, & 6, and even plays some clarinet on track 12.

CD comes with a lyric book and clocks in at 36:45. One song, "Painfully Aware" seems like there is a guitar in it playing a lead, but its Joe's bass, he plays more than one on it. Its great, like I said before, the man knows how to shred on a bass line.

The last song,"Strascinata" sounds quite different from the other songs. Sounds like he is just recording it to a tape player, instead of going from his amp. I dig it.

There are some sick keyboard licks on several songs throughout the record, played by Sam Krulewitch. Really adds a lot of darkness and complexity to the songs. A lot of this album is just Joe's bass lines, his vocals on top, and some ambient guitar or keyboard sounds. That said, I highly suggest it. Expand your music, and check this out even if its different than your normal jams. Its groovy! At the end of the record you can hear someone yell, "Alright!" I think its Ian!

Drew from San Angelo, TX 
Dec 17 2008 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Playing Favorites -I Remember When I Was Pretty CD
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Playing Favorites
I Remember When I Was Pretty CD

If you're reading this review, considering whether or not you should buy this record, the answer is yes! The guy under me was right, the longer you have with this record, the more you like it. I initially bought this because the Caper is in the band. He does some great songwriting, playing, and singing as per usual.

In interviews, I have heard Joey say that they all just learned each song one at a time, then recorded it, then learned another and so on.

Joey wrote 6 songs (tracks 2,4,5,6,8,13) but I think he also sings back-up vocals on other tracks. Tim Cullen wrote 3 (tracks 1,10,14). Marko Desantis wrote 2 (tracks 7 & 11), and Luke Tierney wrote 3 (tracks 3,9, & 12).

The point is that they are all phenomonal musicians, so the collaboration is really,really genuine and good. They sing on each others songs and really add something new and different to each. They are all old friends, so this record comes out feeling quite natural, even though the band itself is fairly new. Since all of them play in other bands that I had not previously heard, I have been exposed to a lot of great stuff since hearing this record. Do not expect Lagwagon, expect something more along the lines of Bad Astronaut or Joey's solo record. However, the best thing to do is just check it out and jam. It holds its own!

A lot of its very chill, very laid back. If you've heard any of the tunes on this record and liked them, I suggest you get the CD. Although there are so many different songwriters in the band who have made all different types of music over the years in other bands, this band and this record and these songs all go together so well. The sampler it comes with is chock full of great Suburban Home bands, many of which I hadn't heard until I heard this sampler. However, the CD itself does not come with a lyric book, which is a bit of a drag. The whole record clocks in at 45:54. The cover is a painting Joey has in his crib, how sick.

Stop reading about it and buy it, its $8.75 and I would pay twice that for it!

Drew from San Angelo, TX 
Dec 17 2008 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Intro5pect -Realpolitik CD
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Realpolitik CD

Absolutely fucking perfect! I cannot sing enough praise for this band or this record. A definite step-up from the first record, which can be found in the A-F Records webstore. If you've heard that record, you know it would be hard to outdo, but they did it! Stza Crack from Leftover Crack sings and plays guitar on tracks 1,3,6 and 7 and what a match! His voice fits perfect with the energy of this band. Brad Logan also from LoC, and Blacknoise head honcho plays guitar on tracks 6 & 7. So damn catchy! Not to mention a band that actually has something to say in every song. There is no filler, no messing around, just straight up catchy-ass, soci-political punk. Yo, you know what else is cool? Sara, who plays synth & does electronics, also sings on several songs. Shit rips! Such a good thing to hear! If you've heard the female vocals on the new Star Fucking Hipsters and dig it, check this out. The forbidden beat is what really kicks this whole EP off, its there right at the beginning of "The War at Home" so if you are into fast ass skate punk, that is what it starts with and you won't be able to push stop once you hear it. Don't get the impression that its the Intro5pect of yore, with Stza singing instead. Although he is featured on 4 of the 7 songs, and can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned but can only make the song better, you still here Dave's singing and the rest of the band doing back-up vocals. And of course the LoC cover, Nazi White Trash, track 6 is so sick! I mean if you've heard the original version, you will dig this! The transition between songs is seamless! It just goes from one to the next and even if its a different type jam or vibe, you don't notice.

Whole record clocks in at 23:46 and comes with a lyric book. Seems short I guess, but overall is very very worth it. Can't wait for a new full-length from these guys/gal!

Now, if they could just find a new bass player already, and get on tour! In the meantime, get this and crank at maximum volume!!

Don't wanna fight this fucking war!

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