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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Connor from Cary, NC 
Feb 7 2008 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Slayer -Show No Mercy CD
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Show No Mercy CD

For those of you who are not familliar with Slayer, it is probobly because you are "way too punk" to listen to metal. Well I say fuck that. If it is good music, it is good music right guys?

Just because it is Slayer I want to give this album 5 stars but I can't. It just isn't as good as they would be on future albums like "Reign in Blood" and "Seasons in the Abyss". The fact that it is Slayer makes me already want to give it 5 stars, but I can't. All the songs on here are good, but they just lack something... I don't know what It is, but they lack something. It is still a rockin' album that you and all your metalhead buddies can headbang too, but it isn't as good as the almighty "Season in the Abyss". Part of the reason is maybe that it isn't as "extreme" as "Reign in Blood". The muddy production makes the record sound weaker for some reason.

Overall, this record is a fine slab-o-metal madness. For all you closeted "punk as fuck" metalheads who don't want to buy a Slayer record, this is the one to buy. It really shows their Venom, Discharge and Exploited influences. I think this record is very worth picking up.

Connor from Cary, NC 
Aug 6 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Jawbreaker -Dear You (Reissue) CD
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Dear You (Reissue) CD

Jawbreaker is now my favorite band.

I bought this cd to hear Jawbreaker, simply because pretty much every punk I know was like, "dude, Jawbreaker is so boss". I was fuckin amazed from the first track ("Save Your Generation") which isnt even my favorite song. It got even better as the album went on. "Fireman", "Accident Prone", "Sluttering" (the best song on the album), "Oyster" and "Bad Scene, Everybody's Fault" are crazy songs.

The Bonus tracks on this album are hit or miss. "Shirt" is a pretty kickass song, but "Freindly Fire" and "Sister" are not as good. Their cover of "Into You Like A Train" is pretty sweet... As for "Boxcar".. Well, Its a fuckin amazing song. It sounds really good on this album, but it doesnt even compare to the version on "24 Hour Revenge Thearapy". The version on "24 Hour Revenge Thearapy" is much rougher and way better.

The thing that makes Jawbreaker so different from your average commercial pop punk band is that they have this rough style of pop punk, similar to Soundgarden. The lyrics are depressing and are easy to relate to if you have emotions. Everything about them is great. They can take a totally mediocre chord progression, add one dark chord to it, and make it way kickass.

My final verdict is that this cd is one of my favorites, and Jawbreaker kicks major ass. Blakes raw voice and crunchy guitar, Adam's wicked rhythems, Chris's awesome basslines... What more could you want? Get "Bivouac" and "24 Hour Revenge Thearapy" also, because those are very good.

Connor from Cary, NC 
Aug 6 2007 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Cockney Rejects -Very Best Of CD
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Cockney Rejects
Very Best Of CD

Oi! Oi! Oi! The Rejects play some of the best Oi! music ever produced, and this is the perfect place to start. The best songs are "Police Car", "Oi Oi Oi", "East End" and their cover of "Motorhead".

Connor from Cary, NC 
Jul 24 2007 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Dickies -Dawn of the Dickies CD
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Dawn of the Dickies CD

What can I say? Everyone loves The Dickies! They are halarious, upbeat and great. This album is definatly tied with "Incredible Shrinking Dickies" as my favorite album. Get it if you like laughing and punk rock.

Connor from Cary, NC 
Jul 9 2007 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Leftover Crack/Citizen Fish -Deadline Split CD
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Leftover Crack/Citizen Fish
Deadline Split CD

Man, isnt it great that Fish and Crack (two of the best ska bands ever) have done a split together? I was really excited, mostly for Leftover Crack, but still. So, I get the split, and guess what... I was dissapointed! This was mainly because I had very high expectations. After 5-6 listens, I really began to appriciate the split. I never had any problems with the Citizen Fish side, but it took me a while to appriciate Leftover Cracks new musical direction. I think after 5 listens, you will appriciate this split as much as I do. I think its a great listen. The only thing I would change is Leftover Crack covering Fish and the Subhumans. They don't do their songs very well. Tha Crack Rock steady beat drums the fuck on forever!!!

Connor from Cary, NC 
Jul 8 2007 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Faction -Collection 1982-1985 CD
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Collection 1982-1985 CD

The Faction play some kickass skate punk very much like Los Olvidados. The reason I bought them was because the pro skater Steve Caballero was in this band. They are pretty cool. Songs like "Lets go Get Cokes", "Tounge Like a Battering Ram", "Corpse in Disguise", "California Dreamin" and "Skate and Destroy" are really cool. "Dark Room", another good song, features Rikk from the Adolescents. At the end it drags a little but no worries. Fun to skate too.

Connor from Cary, NC 
Jun 18 2007 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Union Jack/Gerbs -Songs From The Grave Split CD
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Union Jack/Gerbs
Songs From The Grave Split CD

This split is very good. Union Jack is one of the best Riot Ska bands today, so I was thinking that their side of the split would be better than The Gerb's. Unfortunatly, it wasn't. I was a bit dissapointed. "Resistance Call" is my favorite Union Jack song. The other 2 were decent.

The Gerbs side was much better than Union Jack's. They played song catchy riot ska that had me skankin' my ass off. "Matma's Hand" was a pretty shitty song though.

I would get it if you want song great french ska. Both these bands are very good and I look forward to furture releases by both.

Connor from Cary, NC 
Jun 18 2007 Rating: 2/5 Stars
Exploited -Horror Epics (Reissue) CD
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Horror Epics (Reissue) CD

This Exploited album really dissapoints me.... I loved "Punks not Dead" and "Totally Exploited", but this seems like a weaker version of Discharge. Their were some standouts, like "Dont Forget the Chaos" and "Maggie", but most of it sucked... I'll listen to it once in a while, but its nothing that great.

Connor from Cary, NC 
Jun 18 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Nekromantix -Hellbound CD
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Hellbound CD

FUCK YEAH NIGGA! I have ordered this cd 6 times from different websites and it never came, and when I saw it on Interpunk I jumped at the chance. My expectations were super high, and this cd matched my crazy expectations. This cd is better than "Demons are a Girls Best Friend" and even "Curse of the Coffin" which are, for those of you that dont know, phenomenal albums. This is my favorite Nekromantix album and the best psychobilly ever recorded. "Graveyard in your Memory" is the best Nekromantix song, hand down. "Spiders Attacking Manhatten", "Brain Error", "Hellbound", "Ride Danny Ride" and "Electric Chair" are the other best songs on this album, although every song is really good. Although their stuff on hellcat is great, I have to say that Hellcat has ruined this band (well, not ruined, because they still rule, even their newest stuff). I mean, compare this to "Return of the Loving Dead". See them live... OR DIE!!

Connor from Cary, NC 
Jun 8 2007 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Jizz Kids -How About A Nice Cup of Shut the Fuck Up? 7

Jizz Kids
How About A Nice Cup of Shut the Fuck Up? 7"

I bought this 7" for the name. C'mon, its fuckin halarious! The music is really good too. All the songs are cool pop-punk songs in vein of The Queers. Mine was on Translucent Orange vinyl.

Displaying 1 to 10 of 162 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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