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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Frank from Paris, France 
Feb 7 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Lawrence Arms -Apathy And Exhaustion CD
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Lawrence Arms
Apathy And Exhaustion CD

This album is somehow a mystery to me. When i don't listen to it i have the feeling it's not as strong as "Greatest Story" or "Oh! Calcutta!"... but as soon as i give it a spin this feeling disappears and i rank it immediately on par with the two above records. In any case, it's definitely a fine release by The Lawrence Arms, and worth five stars, no doubt about it.

Frank from Combloux, France 
Aug 31 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars
None More Black -This Is Satire CD
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None More Black
This Is Satire CD

When i first heard this record, i was sceptical. It didn't really grab my attention at all and sounded pretty boring overall. I gave it another chance after a few months and i was totally blown away and completely hooked. "This Is Satire" has a great classic rock vibe ; every song is catchy as hell and has infectious riffs and choruses (yes, even "I See London" !). One of the finest punk rock records of 2006 so far, no doubt about that.

Frank from Combloux, France 
Aug 3 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars
World/Inferno Friend -Red-Eyed Soul CD
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World/Inferno Friend
Red-Eyed Soul CD

Imagine Alkaline Trio meets Gogol Bordello. That's perhaps the best thing i can come up with to describe World/Inferno. Yet they're so much more than that : among other epithets, i've read circus, cabaret, punk rock orchestra... all of those fit but are still incomplete descriptions, as this bands seems to draw influences from so many directions at the same time. "Red Eyed Soul" is catchy as hell (pun intended), uplifting, funny, grotesque, festive as a boisterous and furious witches' sabbath could possibly be. It makes you want to dance, shout, jump and sing all along. A fine record, really.

Frank from Combloux, France 
Jul 29 2006 Rating: 4/5 Stars
New Hampshire State Motto -Turn Up The Suck CD
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New Hampshire State Motto
Turn Up The Suck CD

"Turn Up The Suck" is a solid record of fast punk rock with politically oriented lyrics. The production is pretty good and the music truly enjoyable. A few Iron Maiden-ish riffs on a couple of songs stand out and add a nice vibe to the mix. The cd comes in a simple sleeve and without any booklet, but the package is still neat. Overall it's worth the 6 bucks, and even, dare i say, it's a real bargain.

Frank from Paris, France 
Jul 6 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Fingers Cut Megamachine -Fingers Cut, Megamachine CD
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Fingers Cut Megamachine
Fingers Cut, Megamachine CD

Extremely enjoyable folk-influenced indie rock. The album as a whole is pleasantly mellow, but also has its bouncy moments and jaunty melodies. The songs are nicely crafted by Devon Williams, and despite the melancholic and pessimistic nature of the yet beautiful lyrics, listening to this record happens to be pretty uplifting.

Frank from Paris, France 
Jun 15 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Bouncing Souls -Gold Record CD
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Bouncing Souls
Gold Record CD

Until i heard this album i had never really been into the Bouncing Souls' music. There was something messy in the songs i had heard and it just wouldn't click. However, when i first listened to 'The Gold Song' i was hooked : an anthemic chorus, a simple but efficient melody that leaves you wanting to raise your fist and sing along, and a fine blend of melancholy and hope in the lyrics. This is true for the whole "Gold Record" and could basically sum it up.

This record reminds me of a russian doll, with many themes and echoes imbricated the ones into the others through all the songs, the two covers included (they fit surprisingly well among the original songs). It could've easily been subtitled something like "Chronicles of a Jersey Boy". Each song sounds like a different piece of life (his tow, his jobs, his love, his hopes and dreams, his nightmares, his friends, ...)of a NJ kid, revolving around the only secure place : home. And this kid observes a world that changes maybe too fast, in an uncontrollable frightening kind of way maybe. But amidst these upheavals, the Souls tell us that there's still some love, some hope, some music ! (In our hearts.) And we can believe in these, but we must also know how to "hold on to what [we]'ve got". And the most precious thing we have to cling onto is perhaps fraternity : "We are not alone in this city that is our home".

In short, "The Gold Record" is a great positive album that'll cheer you up when you feel depressed. Great rock tunes.

Frank from Paris, France 
Jun 12 2006 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Banner Pilot -Pass The Poison CD
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Banner Pilot
Pass The Poison CD

Banner Pilot play an enjoyable variety of Midwestern punk with raspy vocals and interesting lyrics, in the lines of The Lawrence Arms and Dillinger Four indeed. Despite the similarities, they still manage to sound young and refreshing.

Frank from Paris, France 
May 21 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Lawrence Arms -Greatest Story Ever Told CD
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Lawrence Arms
Greatest Story Ever Told CD

This album is pretty much unanimously considered as their best and it deserves it, although all Larry Arms cds are extremely good. How couldn't it be, with what is probably the most gifted lyricist duo in punk rock today, eh ? The lyrics are among the best they wrote, the melodies are really well crafted and pretty tight, and the artwork is fantastic... As Chris once wrote and sang,"is there a gesture i could use to clearly express i'm at an utter loss for words" when i listen to this record : "Greatest Story Ever Told" is simply a pure marvel that you'll just listen over and over again with as much pleasure each time. The Arms followed the mellower path they had taken in "Apathy..." and they've drawn the best out of it.

Frank from Paris, France 
May 21 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Crime In Stereo -The Troubled Stateside CD
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Crime In Stereo
The Troubled Stateside CD

Very good album with clever lyrics. The songs go from pure hardcore with raw energy to some mellower sound, but full of passion, which sometimes reminds me of Boysetsfire softer side. Really worth the money.

Frank from Paris, France 
Apr 10 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars
No Trigger -Canyoneer CD
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No Trigger
Canyoneer CD

Canyoneer is a brilliant record and a great melodic hardcore release, fast and catchy as hell with great choruses. Twelve tight songs for a cd that clocks at just over thirty minutes. The lyrics are rather political but as the same time expressed in an original and pretty personal way by Tom Rheault, and you enjoy both the effort and the result. So far, Canyoneer is my second favourite new record of 2006 just behind the Larry Arms' Oh! Calcutta!

Displaying 1 to 10 of 23 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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