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Customer Written Item Reviews
Displaying all 5 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Matthew from Bath, PA 
May 12 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Orchid -Gatefold CD
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Gatefold CD

After reading the other reviews on the page and hearing people whine about it being in a gatefold, I had to laugh. I actually got this cd a while ago and I am used to gatefolds and digipaks, so it was no shocker to me. I first heard Orchid a few years back with the Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow! release on vinyl. I loved that thing with all I have, but after listening to this release I immediately fell in love with this. These dudes were really talented and the politics in their lyrics are amazing.

My favorite songs would have to be "Amherst Pandemonium (Part 1 & 2)," "I Wanna Fight," and "Tigers." Although, I personally think all the tracks on this album are fairly good to outstanding. Orchid may not be a techy band or have the typical style associated with "screamo" or "hardcore," that's what I like about them, very unique and doing it before everyone and their mother caught on to that style. Their lyrics are so powerful and true, a rare thing in these songs about "being different and not caring anymore" and "my girlfriend dumped me so yadda-yadda-yadda".

Here is a lyric from "No, We Don't Have T-Shirts": "It's no fun being the 'postmodern posterchild,' when no one knows what that is. What gives when content takes a holiday and the kids have nothing left to say? Well we're here today, here today, we're here. So buy a record from that band you can't stand, but don't you dare take a stand, don't you dare take a stand." So true, people need to recognize hardcore wasn't made to be all about fashion, it was made to take a stand in the world, do something for the bigger picture, the human race. People need to stop worrying about their "hardcore" clothing and accessories and worry about their fellow man, make a difference in the world.

Matthew from Bath, PA 
Apr 23 2005 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Malady -Malady CD
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Malady CD

This album is mind-blowing, for the most part. It can get a bit repeatitive at times, but overall keeps its fresh sound constant. It sounds a lot like bands like, Under A Dying Sun, The Saddest Landscape, maybe even a bit of Indian Summer, but with a dark twist. I am guessing the dark twist comes from members previous groups, City of Caterpillar and Pg. 99. I love Jeff Kane as a guitarist, he is one of the best in the underground music scene, in my opinion.

If this band sticks together expect the well-written lyrics, incredible music, and genuine flow these guys create to follow them. The guys in the band have been around for a while, I wouldn't expect anything less from them.

Matthew from Bath, PA 
Apr 23 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Circa Survive -Juturna CD
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Circa Survive
Juturna CD

As with any musical endeavor, you should give this album more then one listen. At first listen I definitely thought that the Inuit Sessions was superior to this. After listening to this a few more times, however, I realized the sheer skill of these musicians. I am a fan of This Day Forward and if you are too, then this album will definitely tickle your fancy. It's sort of the same style of progressive rock, art rock, whatever, only much more mature. I hated Saosin, however, so thankfully this album sounds nothing like Saosin. Anthony Green is an INCREDIBLE vocalist, but that dude can NOT scream for his life.

This album wears many hats. They go from mellow songs, to fast-paced rock songs that are destructive. My personal favorites would have to be Wish Resign and Always Getting What You Want. The secret song after the acoustic part of Meet Me in Montauk is awesome too. It just sucks fast-forwarding through the three minutes of silence, I hate when bands do that, just split the tracks already, I don't like paying for air. Fans of bands along the lines of Dredg and This Day Forward would really appreciate this album and this band.

Matthew from Bath, PA 
Apr 23 2005 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Circle Takes The Square -As The Roots Undo CD
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Circle Takes The Square
As The Roots Undo CD

"Rejoice, Rejoice a noble birth"!

This cd is fairly good. The lyrics are some of the best-written material I have heard in a while. Credit due there. The 2-3 minute intros to most of the songs are kinda lame though. I mean, I am all for instrumental, lead-ups, samples, whatever, but these are kind of ridiculous. They go on forever and go no place what so ever. Once the music finally starts to play I am in bliss again. They are incredible musicians and should be labeled nothing less. Their methods are a bit unconventional and out of the norm, even for experimental/progressive music. People compare them to Dillenger and Blood Brothers, I don't understand that. If you are to compare CTTS to anyone I would have to say they sound similar to Pg. 99, City of Caterpillar, etc. If you can find a copy of their split with Pg. 99 or their Self-Titled, I would recommend them before this album, but if you are just looking for something new, check this album out. If you don't mind melodic chaos, this album is for you.

Matthew from Bath, PA 
Apr 23 2005 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Sinking Steps...Rising Eyes -Majestic Blue CD
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Sinking Steps...Rising Eyes
Majestic Blue CD

I can't believe no one has reviewed this yet. This album is incredible. It is a great sophomore effort from this young band out of South Dakota. They changed their sound drastically, from a youthful hardcore/screamo band to a more progressive sort of "rock opera" if you will. Everything about this band is remarkable, from the traditional instruments (guitar, percussion, bass), to the non-traditional (violin and flute), but i am in love with the dual-vocal attack, one male, one female. The two of them together is a beautiful thing. This band is well-structured and can very well go places with the fresh sound that they deliver.

They have songs for everyone, Procession of the Dancing Dusk (Part One) is an epic intro leading into the powerful Star-Lit Soliloquy. They even have more intense songs on this album, infact Penumbra is one of the best songs I have heard in a fairly long time. I would recommend this to anyone looking for some fresh music in today's sea of mindless repeatitive garbage.

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