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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Steven from Brooklyn, NY 
Feb 12 2004 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Due Tomorrow -Due Tomorrow CD
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Due Tomorrow
Due Tomorrow CD

Ya know, I had heard the song Sockpie and didn't like it too much. But after awhile this band grows on you. The recording quality isn't fantastic, but it is very good considering it cost them 60$. Daniel (the kid in the middle in the bio picture) has a pretty deep singing voice and I don't really think it's very good in Sockpie, but in songs like Rubber Band it actually fits pretty well, and the vocal harmonies in that song remind me of Paint It Black's vocal harmonies, overall I think Daniel should either get vocal training or sing less lead and more backup. I really enjoy Ilya's singing voice though, he's got those snottier higher pitched vocals, the two voices offer a nice balance between them. The music is actually pretty interesting, the guitar's are similar to 80's hardcore punk bands like Black Flag, but more complex with really interesting solos and creative riffs, the basslines, though they are sometimes simple, are catchy, my only problem with the bass is that it sounds too bland. The drums could be better but Jimmy isn't a longtime drummer so he'll get better, for now though the drums sound pretty much the same in every song. Lyrically they could be a little better, I feel like the lyrics are from kids who just want those typical "Punk Rock" songs about conformity and the government and a 9-5 job and such, but hey some people like simpler lyrics and they ARE young so they could definitely grow. Over all I have to say they exceeded my expectations, I'm enjoying this cd alot actually, they have an interesting and pretty creative sound (though it's led mostly by Ilya's guitar playing), and I could definitely see them getting bigger. This is a good buy for someone who enjoys old punk rock like Black Flag and the Subhumans (minus the britishness). Based on the musical end of this demo/album it deserves a five. It's creative and a nice first effort, it is a bit short and recording could have been better, but I don't think those are qualities that should reduce a bands score, especially when it's their first demo. Good Luck guys!

Steven from Brooklyn, NY 
Jan 13 2004 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Sixgun Radio -Please Press Me CD
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Sixgun Radio
Please Press Me CD

Whooo, first review. Man what a great album. This album is so hard to review because it's so good, I don't know where to start. First off the album is a decent length, 14 minutes and every song averages 2 minutes and 40 seconds, the short songs feel just right and the long songs don't bore you with their length cause they're so full of variety and power. The guitar lines are original and packed with energy, and the solos are fantastic, especially on songs like Fire Inside and Redlight. The vocals are fantastic, and the use of double vocals on chorus' is great, especially on Arrowed!, and the folk/acoustic song Kings and Queens. The bass could have been a little more clear, but there are still plenty of punchy and catchy lines. The drumming is fantastic, and the ska breakdown in Bring It Back is greatly led by the drums. There is also a fantastic cover of Billy Joel's You May Be Right, which gives you a nice break from the blazing punk rock and gives a nice taste of straight rock and roll. The last track brings us some guest vocals from a head figure of the NY punk scene, Scott Sturgeon, or Stza, of Leftover Crack/Crack Rock Steady 7, the late Choking Victim, and most recently of the Mad Cowz rap group which can be heard on the Against Police Injustice Compilation, and though it's not written in the album, I could swear that the ska breakdown of Bring It Back is sung by him as well, probably a little treat for NY punk fans who notice it. Overall, my only problem with this album was that the bass wasn't recorded at a high enough volume, but that's probably because this band is more driven by other things, I'm also upset that it does not come with a booklet or lyrics, since it doesn't come in a jewel case, but rather a digipak case. Go by this album! It's well worth your time.

Steven from Brooklyn, NY 
Dec 10 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
V/A -Against Police Injustice CD
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Against Police Injustice CD

This is one of the few comps i own. Unlike most comps which have a bunch of songs already on other albums, and only a few are good, this album has tons of new material from awesome bands. It has a mix of Ny punk rock like the c squate bands, sixgun, nausea, the stoics!, Thought Crime, some other great punk rock like Against Me!, MDC, conflict, anti-flag, F-Minus, bouncing souls, false prophets, and of course a brand new track from the great Daycare Swindlers!, This album even has some new stuff from C Squat from the Mad Cowz! the hidden track is by them it's called hoof 2 tha mouth and its a great rap song. There's even some country blues on here (Morning Forty Federation). Also a really weird folk/rock/punk song by impractical cockpit whihc is pretty good. The only thing I didn't really like was the hardcore songs, on here like the segue, skarp, kylesa, etc. they are poor quality recordings, and just boring stereotype hardcore, with terrible singers, the new LOC song is hardcore/metal though and it is quite excellent, and Born/Dead is pretty good, well ok yea this is a great comp. for anyone interested in the NYC punk, or just interested in finding a nice mix of punk/hardcore/ska (world inferno is the only ska really on here it's good stuff) and such. Buy this before it's gone! Great album and a great cause behind it.

Steven from Brooklyn, NY 
Oct 14 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Stockyard Stoics -Stockyard Stoics CD
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Stockyard Stoics
Stockyard Stoics CD

Why Oh Why do so many of the best bands break up so quickly! Minor Threat, Operation Ivy, Common Rider, Kid Dynamite, IN-DK, The Nerve Agents, The Readymen and Of course the Stockyard Stoics. The Stockyard Stoics have been one of my favorite bands for such a long time and it makes me so sad to know all they have released is a 7" and one CD. This album is excellent. Every song is catchy Street-punk leaving you reminiscent of the Clash (just listen to Not For Sale and you'll see what I mean, especially the outro of that song which sounds just like the outro to Safe European Home). The Stoics have catchy basslines, great drumming, and awesome guitar riffs and solos which are quite similar to the Readymen (which had some of the Stoics members), just buy this album if you like any kind of punk I am SURE you will like it, I don't see how anyone could not. Any guitarist or bassist come to my site its stevestabs dot cjb dot net I do tabs of SO many bands including the stoics and the bands I listed above. Check it out after you BUY THIS CD.

Steven from Brooklyn, NY 
Oct 1 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Thursday -War All The Time CD
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War All The Time CD

First off, I NEVER listen to emo or melodic hardcore or whatever you call these kinds of bands, but thursday seemed to stand out to me as something a little different, I've listened to the other albums, and only moderately enjoyed one of them (full collapse), but then i got this album, jesus christ, when I heard the first track it blew me away, that song is one of the best songs I have ever heard, this album is a masterpiece in rock music. They are excellent song writers in every aspect, and this album is much better than their old albums, much more complex music, wonderful melodies, and fantastic lyrics, the songs going through the album took me a few listens to get into, but they are excellent, any fan of this genre of music will surely enjoy this album, and like me I'm sure people who don't have any interest in this kind of music will enjoy it as well, it's just that good.

Steven from Brooklyn, NY 
Oct 1 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Paint It Black -CVA CD
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Paint It Black

Paint it Black left me very reminiscent of Kid Dynamite, though Dan Yemin's voice may not sound like Jason's voice, (Dan's voice is deeper and and gruffer), the guitar and music sound very much like Kid Dynamite, the lyrics aren't as good as KD but otherwise this album is a solid hardcore/punk album. It took me two listens to really get into it, but once I did I really enjoyed it, any fan of hardcore/punk or Kid Dynamite should definitely check this band out, and listen to the sample on interpunk it gives a good example of what the band is like.

Steven from Brooklyn, NY 
Sep 22 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Kid Dynamite -Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems CD/DVD
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Kid Dynamite
Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems CD/DVD

This album is awesome, the 1st 4 tracks arejust a few classics, then 5-9 are all covers from some great bands!, 10-15 are the tracks of the first recording with Jason, 16-22 are all demo's of songs including an unreleased song, (the unheard chorus), then 23-29 are all from a live radio show, track 30 is a 4 second hidden track with nothing on it, this is a must have for any fan of KD or anyone who like melodic punk/hardcore, the booklet is awesome also with info about each track and comments by all the band members, the dvd is nice but nothing to rave about, a few live songs, interviews with the band and their road crew about the reunion show and breaking up and stuff, and a trailer for the REAL dvd. Buy this and File Under Black by None More Black, and CVA by Paint It Black, very good break offs for KD members (NMB Jason on vocals and guitar) and PIB (Dan on vocals and Dave on drums), BUY THIS ALBUM.

Steven from Brooklyn, NY 
Sep 11 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
No-Cash -Run Your Pockets CD
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Run Your Pockets CD

Let me just start off that If you like leftover crack, or choking victim, or crack rock steady 7 (though I don't consider that another band apart from leftover crack), you will DEFINITLY like this album, No-Cash is quite similar to these bands. They combine ska, punk, pop-punk, hardcore, a strong distaste for all forms of authority into an excellent album, with vocals quite similar to stza's. In my opinion this band is similar to those other bands I listed, but they are also better than those bands, I enjoyed this album more than I did Mediocore Generica, and a little more than no gods, no managers, I think it ties with the CRS7 split with F-Minus, but that's my opinion, buy this album and make you're own!

Steven from Brooklyn, NY 
Sep 11 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Daycare Swindlers -Heathen Radio CD
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Daycare Swindlers
Heathen Radio CD

What can I say it's the Daycare Swindlers. This band never fails to astonish me all of their albums are so fantastic and so full of variety, no matter what music you listen to you will find at least ONE song on one of their albums that you like. Heathen Radio is an excellent album though not as varied as the older ones. This album is quite true to their description as a DC hardcore band. It contains twelve quick songs averaging from 1:30-2:00 minutes per song and clocking in at 18:51 minutes overall. This album is a great buy for anyone who likes bands like Minor Threat, Youth Brigade, Kid Dynamite, and can be compared to other Daycare Swindlers songs such as Dirt Nap, Prison Song, She Said, any of the "Egg" songs, and so on, I'm sure any DCS fans already get the picture. Go buy this album and everything by DCS for a wonderful musical experience.

Steven from Brooklyn, NY 
Sep 5 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
V/A -A-F Records -Fueling The Flames Of Revolution Vol. 3 CD
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A-F Records -Fueling The Flames Of Revolution Vol. 3 CD

A-F Records always makes such great compilations, and this is no exception, It has songs by a bunch of newer A-F Records bands, new songs by the code, thought riot, pipedown, Anti-Flag, and more, it also has new tracks by bands that aren't on A-F Records like Leftover Crack and Morning Glory, and the Morning Glory track is the best I've heard morning glory has always been an amazing band it this is even better, go out and get "Whole World Is Watching" right now!

Displaying 1 to 10 of 12 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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