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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Doug from Sparks, NV 
Feb 12 2004 Rating: 4/5 Stars
V/A -A-F Records -Fueling The Flames Of Revolution Vol. 3 CD
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A-F Records -Fueling The Flames Of Revolution Vol. 3 CD

As compilations go this one was amazingly consistent. Sure there were a few songs that fell short, but that's true of almost all comps and that's why they're cheap, right?

My favorite song off this release was Morning Glory "The Whole World's Watching," which I wanted to check out due to the connection with Leftover Crack. Needless to say I was not disappointed. Beautifully layered guitar sound, amazing vocals, good ska parts, and some of the best production I have ever heard in the world of punk. The Leftover Crack song was good--no ska parts, more of their metal sound on this track.

Virus Nine had a nice streetpunk sound with Tim Armstrong-like bass parts. The Code was along the same lines with a bit more of a ska influence at times. Perhaps the biggest surprise on here was the Inhuman song "Brooklyn Bastards," which could have been off an NYHC release from the late 80's: real moshy and hard sounding.

The New Mexican Disaster Squad, Thought Riot and Pipedown songs all followed the same basic structure: Fast hardcore verse parts followed by poppier choruses that all reminded me of Pennywise for some reason. Fans of these bands will probably say I'm way off, but hey Pennywise is OK so that wasn't a bad thing. In fact, a lot of the vocals on this compilation reminded me of Pennywise--probably just because I don't usually listen to material that sounds pop-punk at all.

Now for the down side. The Intro5pect track was annoying drum & bass techno with punk guitar & vocals over it. Original for sure, but not pleasing to this ear. Modey Lemon was a lo-fi garagey number that may appeal to fans of the White Stripes. The worst offender, though, was Anti-Flag. This is the only newer song I've heard by them, and I was shocked to note the similarity in sound to pop acts like Blink 182. Yes, there were a couple other wimpy pop numbers on this album, but compared to Anti-Flag's old material this was quite a shocker. The Justin Sane track (just vocals & guitar) was much better. Chris #2's band Whatever it Takes certainly had a harder sound than the new Flag stuff, but the singer reminded me of the guy from Rage Against the Machine for some reason. That bugged me.

Overall well worth the cheap price. Plus you get a black & white poster of the cover. You could do much worse.

Doug from Sparks, NV 
Jan 14 2004 Rating: 4/5 Stars
V/A -Boston Punk Comp 2000 CD
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Boston Punk Comp 2000 CD

Mallpunk kids skip this review, you'll hate this one. Otherwise, if you like fast, drunken, REAL punk rock you might want to check out this compilation of Boston punk bands. This stuff would be good background music for setting a limo on fire, or throwing bottles at Michael Bolton. It kicks off with Toxic Narcotic doing "War Song 2000," a brutal tune that is a little more metal than most TN stuff. TN and A Global Threat represent the better-known bands on here. I also liked A Poor Excuse, even though I think I have their song on another compilation (it may be a different version, I couldn't tell). That is the only downfall of this CD; I already had the A.P.E., Profits and Lost Cause songs on other Rodent Popsicle compilations. That's OK because I still got to hear lots of other cool bands I had never heard before.

Class Action annihilates your AFI-lovin' ass with "Stop Making Punk Rock Suck," an appropriate song in this day and age of radio-friendly "punk" crap. That's what I like about Rodent Popsicle: they deliver the authentic punk rock goods with absolutely no radio airplay possibilities to speak of. Mourningside (kinda Misfits-like) and Entrophy (total Misfits and Youth Brigade worship) stood out also, as did the Eyehategod-like sludge attack of Shoot the Hostages. But my favorite song on here has to be "I Love Trash" by Crash and Burn. Man, that song sounds like it could have been on Mystic Records in the mid-80's, a sleazy, snotty tune along the lines of Agression or Verbal Abuse.

I recommend this CD to anyone who likes to get piss drunk and listen to the punk rock.

Doug from Sparks, NV 
Nov 16 2003 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Ramones -Chrysalis Years Anthology (Triple) CD
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Chrysalis Years Anthology (Triple) CD

The packaging/value: 5 stars. The music: 3.75 stars. You're getting the Ramones' last 5 albums on 3 cds for barely over $20...if you're a Ramones fan there's no question stupids...Ok let me start out by saying the first (earliest) release aka Brain Drain is the best on here. Classic cheese like "Pet Sematary" and "I Believe in Miracles"...they fuckin slay but yeah its later era Ramones so dude this is ROCK...turn to the first four LPs if you want punk in the "hard punk" still kicks ass so F.U. stupido.

Anyway you also get "Acid Eaters" which was the worst Ramones LP's OK though cause you got 4 better LP's to help soothe the pain...the band wanted this horrible cover album to be an EP but the big cheezoids said here ya go twerpy.

Anyway "Loco Live" I thought sounded kinda ghetto but there was lots of great Ramones old/new represented so what the hell...most of the band hated this live recording according to my second hand sources...but I though it was OK...I fuckin liked "Too Tough to Die" et al. of course refer to "It's Alive" for true Ramones power you jerk ass.

Ok then you get the last 2 Ramones albums which had like maybe 3-4 kick-ass songs per album plus a lot of filler crap. Don't rip on this though cause the Ramones' songs that hit, will kick the crap outta all you wannabe punk rockers, and they did their time and then some. Sheena says, we gotta go.

Doug from Sparks, NV 
Nov 6 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Wesley Willis -Shake Your Piggy Bank CD
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Wesley Willis
Shake Your Piggy Bank CD

Man. Right after doing a review of Wesley's "Greatest Hits, Vol.2" I was looking up more information on him and I came to realize he had just died several days ago (back in August). The world really lost a great artist.

"Shake Your Piggy Bank" is great. For the uninitiated, I would recommend getting Hits Vol. 2 first. You'll know right away if you're ready for Wesley. I'm not sure who the Dragnews were, because this CD seems to be Wesley solo on his keyboard. Not as painfully repetitive as, say, "Fabian Road Warrior," which was literally the same keyboard music program the whole way through. On "Shake" there are weird sound effects and samples for variety, everything from power tools to sirens. Lyrically everything you expect from Wesley. My favorites are "I Whipped Mighty Thor's Ass" and "Stop Mulling Over the Mullet," which is basically an updated version of "Cut the Mullet." Lots of his bestiality songs too: "Lick My Doberman's Cock," "Taste a Lechwe's Ass," (what the hell is a lechwe?!) "Taste a Racehorse's Ass" (chorus actually goes "Taste a racehorse's bootyhole"), "Suck a Jackrabbit's Ass," "Lick a Llama's Ass," and "Taste a Bulldog's Ass." Whew!!

If you like Wesley's music, be sure to check out the great documentary about him, "The Daddy of Rock N Roll."

R.I.P. Wesley Willis--he was a good person to the max!

Rock over London, Rock on Chicago! Arby's! Different is good!

Doug from Sparks, NV 
Sep 20 2003 Rating: 2/5 Stars
Devotchkas -Live Fast, Die Young CD
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Live Fast, Die Young CD

Argh!! This band sounded much better drunk--maybe I just heard the better tracks on the CD. Basically I bought this after hearing a couple songs that reminded me of The N.Y. Rel-X, who are a much better band. (Buy their CD "She's Got a Gun/Paranoia," it's great Vice Squad-style female vocals with a retro UK punk/oi! sound.) At times this has similar vocals but musically it's pretty boring. The brief guitar solo on the first song is one of the worst ever, no wonder there's no more solos on the album. And why are people comparing them to the Casualties?!? Casualties are much faster and chaotic, I'm not a big fan but Christ they completely kick ass on these girls. Maybe it's because their mohawks are as tall and colorful as the Casualties' hair, I dunno. Out of 12 songs about 3 were fairly decent, the rest were generic and lame. Oh, and this came dangerously close to getting one star due to the following: 1) the absolutely awful 12th song "Poogly." Rather than sing, the vocalist reads excerpts from the book "A Clockwork Orange." So it wasn't enough of a ripoff to take the band name from a great novel that has been referenced to death already, they had to read the damn thing to boot?!? 2) at the end of the album, after suffering through the recorded burps and eating noises of the Devotchkas (bonus tracks perhaps?) there's a clip of some guy with a foreign accent repeating a line from the movie "Tommy Boy." This is supposed to be funny?? Do yourself a favor and buy the movie "Tommy Boy," and the book and the movie "A Clockwork Orange," and skip this album.

Doug from Sparks, NV 
Sep 14 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Ramones -Too Tough to Dies (Bonus Tracks) (Manufactured on Demand) CD
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Too Tough to Dies (Bonus Tracks) (Manufactured on Demand) CD

All Ramones fans should demand that Interpunk stock the complete set of remastered albums, which would be the first eight. From what I could tell, the only ones currently available were this one and "End of the Century." This classic, originally released in 1984, is the eighth one and shows a little bit of an emerging metal tendency. Joey lets his vocal chords rip a little more harshly on some songs, more balls-out, which offsets the real catchy, poppy stuff nicely. Plus Dee Dee sings on two, his vocals are always harsh, fuckin "Wart Hog" is a classic!! Dee Dee actually wrote or co-wrote most of the songs on this album which may account for the change in sound. Some really underrated songs on here, especially "Danger Zone," "Chasing the Night," and "Daytime Dilemma (Dangers of Love)." And 12 bonus tracks!!! That's like a whole album's worth! That includes 3 Dee Dee vocal versions ("Danger Zone" destroys) plus the incredibly catchy, demented B-side "Smash You" that I hadn't heard for years, would have fit in nicely on one of their first four albums. The demo version of "Howling at the Moon" is a must, stripped of the slick production/keyboards/electronic effects it's a completely different song. Plus I like how Joey sings "No more Marco" instead of "No more narco," hee hee. The Ramones are my favorite band of all time, I miss them terribly.

Doug from Sparks, NV 
Sep 14 2003 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Ramones -End of the Century [UK Import] CD
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End of the Century [UK Import] CD

I felt real guilty giving any early Ramones less than 5 stars. I mean, it's 4 1/2, okay? It's just that the typical complaint about this album being overproduced by Phil Spector is pretty true. Some great songs though. Even though "Danny Says" is one of the softest, slowest Ramones songs ever, it's still Joey at his vocal best. "Let's Go" is an upbeat "Commando"-style anthem. And if you've never heard "Chinese Rock" or "Rock N Roll High School" then just shoot yourself now. These masters of loud, catchy three-chord rock formed the basis for anything considered "pop-punk" today. So what if they wanted a radio hit?! They turned out dozens of great songs along the way. Out of the two slick production, less hard-edged albums, I'd give the advantage to "Pleasant Dreams." This one has a little more filler, including a couple songs that could have benefitted from a louder guitar sound. Still well worth it, especially considering the bonus tracks, which Interpunk doesn't list. They are "I Want You Around (soundtrack version)" and demo versions of "Danny Says," "I'm Affected," "Please Don't Leave," "All the Way," and "Do You Remember Rock N Roll Radio?" Of course, the demo songs feature a rawer mix, a great reason to buy this and the other remastered CD's.

Doug from Sparks, NV 
Sep 10 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Sid & Nancy -Movie DVD
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Sid & Nancy
Movie DVD

First of all, for you other reviewers, especially of music CD's--please include specific comments that will give us a clue as to what the music sounds like if we've never heard the band or means absolutely nothing to say "this is good" or "this is the most killer release by Buttrock McPlenty that I've heard since my kid sister threw their old CD across the kitchen floor." Having said that, here's my lame ass movie review.

Sid&Nancy is a depressing yet extremely well-done character study. I wonder about the other dude who reviewed this film who only gave it three stars, and whether that was because he thought Sid was an asshole. Well, Sid probably was a total asshole, but I don't think many people thought he was a visionary musically---he was more into the concept of total destruction onstage and saint for sure. I'd really like to know how much of this story was factual, but either way it's a great depiction of two damaged, self-destructive individuals who fed off of each other's negative energy to the end. Sid was legendary nonetheless. From the footage I've seen (from D.O.A. & The Filth & the Fury) the actors did a good job of mimicking the real Sid & Nancy. When I first saw this movie in '87 or so it was my first glimpse of Gary Oldman, I think this got him really recognized by critics, etc. etc. Limited role by Courtney Love, and no, she doesn't play Nancy for all you starfuckers. But did you know John Larroquette (Night Court) narrated the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie? I didn't think so. A quote from Nancy: "What about the farewell drugs??!?" A competent exercise in human misery and tragic romance.

Doug from Sparks, NV 
Sep 3 2003 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Toxic Narcotic -89-99 CD
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Toxic Narcotic
89-99 CD

This CD is well worth getting, especially at the ultra-cheap price. I actually preferred "We're All Doomed" because it was more cleanly produced, and sounded a little harder and angrier. But this is still quite good. Toxic Narcotic is a nihilistic, aggressive hardcore band that puts to shame most of what passes for hardcore these days. No boring slow metal stuff or screamo vocal bullshit. Just straight up hate. Great stuff when you're in a dark "I hate everyone" mood especially. Plus they destroy live. I was a little misled by the title: I thought it was a compilation of stuff recorded from '89-'99 but it's actually all stuff recorded in 99. I also liked the fact that the versions of "People Suck," "Homebrew," and "Politics" were different than the ones on their split with the Unseen. Get drunk, turn this CD up loud and sing along with the following from People Suck: "I hate the human race! Fuck you, you fuckin' fuck!!!!" "All Bands Suck," "Drink," "Junkie Bastard," and "Allston Violence" also tear the listener a new asshole.

Doug from Sparks, NV 
Sep 1 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Wesley Willis -Greatest Hits Vol. 2 CD
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Wesley Willis
Greatest Hits Vol. 2 CD

Fuck yes. This will either be one of the worst or best CD's you will ever buy. I happen to love Wesley's straightforward rantings--they seem to follow a set pattern but you can never really predict what he will say. For those who don't know, Chicago's WW is a big schizophrenic dude who writes and sings songs, as well as drawing pictures (which he sings about in "I'm Running My Inkpen.") Hilarious and completely honest. Best song has to be "Cut the Mullet": "Take your ass to the barbershop/Tell the barber that you're sick of looking like an asshole." But there's plenty of great songs on here, everything from cussing out a church deacon "They Threw Me Out of Church," to vandalizing a sportscar "I Broke Out Your Windshield," to "Jello Biafra," who happened to compile this disc and do the liner notes. Musically all but three songs feature WW solo on his keyboard, the other three with his live band the Wesley Willis Fiasco. Every song ends with him saying, "Rock Over London. Rock on Chicago," then an endorsement for a product with its slogan, like "Heinz. America's favorite ketchup." I guarantee you will have never heard anything like this before, and I hope for your sake you get as addicted to Wesley Willis as I am now.

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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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