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Customer Written Item Reviews
Displaying all 10 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
William from Nipomo, CA 
Sep 28 2004 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Iggy And The Stooges -Year Of The Iguana CD
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Iggy And The Stooges
Year Of The Iguana CD

the IGUANA! that should be enough said. This is a collection of never recorded material that never made it onto any records. some of it is recoreded( " I got a right," "Gimme some skin") and some if it are outtakes form the kill city sessions which is post stooges stuff that iggy did with james williamson. it's still good though, and if you dont have any iggy this is a great way to get introduced to him! especially if youve seen him! Bithces! you can really see where punk took its influence in songs like gimme some skin. they have a raw primalness that exudes blood and guts of the most primitive kind. the stooge destoryed music, and made rock and roll dangerous, which is some thing to be missed in this day and age.

William from Nipomo, CA 
Sep 26 2004 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Catholic Discipline -Underground Babylon CD
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Catholic Discipline
Underground Babylon CD

this is turly an emphemeral band. although the recording is quite atrocious at some point(they never recorded anything!) it is still pretty neccesary. catholic discipline is a great band, you cant take that away from them. claude bessy(r.i.p) was such a great writer, and his satirical and frighting beautiful lyrics come out as a howl of nararation on the vices of the world. the music is post? punk and synthy as well. phranc is also here as well as craig lee, with a member from the zeros to round out a truly power house lineup.

William from Nipomo, CA 
Jul 29 2004 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Limp Wrist -Complete Discography CD
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Limp Wrist
Complete Discography CD

Straight edge gay hardcore! Yes! Limp wrist is(was?) a realy great band, but it seems like all they write about is being gay, which can get pretty damn redundant if you ask me. Fast hardcore played with a hip twist,limp wrist exude a demeanor of odd guitar chords and extremely shrill vocals. sound like a recipe for dissaster right? well, it actually works! the sound quality is great, and favorite songs include rainbows, limp wrist,smear the fear, and relatives got nerve. great band and overall great c.d, GAY BASHERS, COME AND GET IT!

William from Nipomo, CA 
Oct 31 2003 Rating: 1/5 Stars
Dicks -Dicks: 1980-1986 CD
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Dicks: 1980-1986 CD

the dicks..........with all homosexuall urges aside lets talk about dicks. now this compact disc is alright...but my heterolifemate or "friend" bought it. was it worth it?no. they are a strong punk band dont get me wrong,i like some tracks, but youve heard it all before, and youve heard it done better too, by the germs(true pastors in the church of orderd chaos)and black flag and lewd and ect i'll buy it in 10 years when i have collected all the good music i ever wanted....than i will slit my throat....sonething the reader od this should take heed to!

William from Nipomo, CA 
Sep 19 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Zeros -Don't Push Me Around CD
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Don't Push Me Around CD

well, heres the zeros. the oi'est bunch of beaners i've ever seen. i can say that cause i'm a baener,so ha! this is really good and the only thing you'll find from them so buy it!

William from Nipomo, CA 
May 16 2003 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Slits -In The Beginning CD
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In The Beginning CD

this album is pretty good. its live but the sound is really good. the slits are a really good band, even some of thier dub era stuff is cool. the slits also have an interesting this cd, its better than spending it on cocaine.

William from Nipomo, CA 
May 8 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Blatz/Filth -The Shit Split (Double) CD
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The Shit Split (Double) CD

most people praise filth, but for me, the "shit" in the shit split refers to blatz for me. blatz are really good. just a band of evil people who's overall pesimistic view of the world is done so well in song that it cant help but bring a smile to ones know...done with a smirk. when i got this it stayed in my player for 2 months straight. filth are cool too. if a shoalin monk started a punk rock band, it would be filth. this cd is a win win buy, so get it. it's the sheeeeeeeeeeeeeet. nomes give great oral sex.

William from Nipomo, CA 
May 8 2003 Rating: 1/5 Stars
X -Los Angeles CD
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Los Angeles CD

X ARE THE FUCKING SHIT!!! this cd is great...possibly thier best work next to wild gift. this is good punk with some rockabilly influences. basically just good music,and thats what it comes down to right? all the rockasilly bands that are out today are trying to mimic this but can never come close...mainly because x are so fucking great. maybe its all the grease in thier head. anyway...the lesson of today? men are just vessels for thier penis's. and manny could go suck a fuck for not liking x. ha ha ha hah ah ah ah

William from Nipomo, CA 
May 7 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Charles Bronson -Complete Discocrappy (Double) CD
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Charles Bronson
Complete Discocrappy (Double) CD

oh yyeagh..its the mother fuck'n charlie bronson. insane shit that goes at the speed of light. favorite songs are the kids are gonna stick together and theme song. if you like to have sex with bamboons then youll enjoy this compact disc. remember to praise satan kids.

William from Nipomo, CA 
May 7 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
New York Dolls -Great Big Kiss CD
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New York Dolls
Great Big Kiss CD

the new york dolls are the shit period. buy this compact disc. has alot of material and a 2nd live cd. only for oi pepole though.anyone who doesnt like this cd can go masturbate on a waffel. the best songs are fire and trash. they play fast political crust music.

Displaying all 10 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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