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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Ducky from Fresno, CA 
Jun 20 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Svart Sno -Smock'n Roll LP
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Svart Sno
Smock'n Roll LP

First off, let me say that "Smock 'n Roll" by Svart Sno is the best LP in my collection! Svart Sno is my all time favorite band. They sound like a Swedish version of GBH mixed with some thrash and some crazy shit. Svart Sno hails from Stokholm, Sweden and they have only released 2 things in America: "Smock 'n Roll" put out by Prank Records and "Bellyache and Acid Eyes" put out by Grand Theft Audio Records. They have about 5 LP's, 2 7"s, and like 6 CD's. Buy them all if you can find them! I would reccomend this LP over the CD though. With songs like "nojd med att matas", "alla ar glada", and "hoppa pa bandvagnen", this LP is sure to leave you breathless! One thing though, every one that looks at this LP must vote for favorite songs! It dosnt matter what song you vote for, we just need a Svart Sno MP3 up here! Unfortunately, Svart Sno broke up a few years ago because of a death in the band. Although, Peter from Svart Sno who played guitar and sang went off to form a new band called Sunday Morning Einsteins. There is one 7" and one LP availible from Sunday Morning Einsteins so far. Interpunk carries the 7" only, and I strongly reccommend that too! If you dont have a record player, buyu this one of a kind Swedish masterpiece anyway! Maybe a friend or family member has a record player you could use. Or maybe you could go out and buy a record player just for this record! All true punks need to have a record player! But if not, then just buy it and hang it up on your wall. To find out more about Svart Sno, go to and find out some cool shit! By the way, if you were wondering, Svart Sno means "Black Snow" in Swedish. Buy it now or die!!! Swedish punk rules!!!

Ducky from Fresno, CA 
May 8 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Sunday Morning Einsteins -Sunday Morning Einsteins 7

Sunday Morning Einsteins
Sunday Morning Einsteins 7"

This is a really fuckin cool 7" by the new band Sunday Morning Einsteins! After Svart Sno (my favorite band) broke up in 1996, two of the three living members of the band decided to form a brand new hardcore/thrash punk band. Hailing from Stokholm, Sweden---these guys are bound to blow your mother fuckin socks off with every decible of fuckin sound possible! I stronly reccomend this records to anyone who likes non-stop hard to the fuckin core loud, fast, obscene, vulgar, in-your-face, thrash, punk rock! Also, be sure to check out Svart Sno---cause there even 10 times better than this band! Although, Svart Sno's shit is really hard ot find.Forunately, Interpunk has one of there LP records, "Smock 'n Roll". The only reason why Interpunk carries this record and that Svart Sno record is because the band cam to America to record them, infact this record along with the "Smock n' Roll" LP by Svart SNo are on Prank Records. There is something about punk music from Sweden. I really like Swedish punk bands. My favorite Swedish punk bands are Svart Sno, Sunday Moring Einstein's, Riistetyyt, and Riisteterror. Anyways, if you don't buy this record than you blow dogs for quarters up there fat asshole!!! Hahahahaha!!! No, seriously---buy this fuckin record, and Svart Sno!!!!!

Ducky from Fresno, CA 
May 8 2003 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Blatz -Cheaper Than The Beer 7

Cheaper Than The Beer 7"

This is a really cool 7" by Blatz. The record is like yellow-golden so it looks like beer. It's awesome. Really good hardcore/thrash punk band from Berkely. Buy it or die!

Ducky from Fresno, CA 
May 5 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
GG Allin -Violent Beatings CD
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GG Allin
Violent Beatings CD

GG Allin is fuckin' GOD!!! This fucker is the definition of mother fuckin' punk rock!!!! GG! Buy this fuckin CD now---infact, go look for a vinyl GG record---cause vinyl kicks ass! Also check out a band called Rupture!

Ducky from Fresno, CA 
May 5 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Ramones -I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend 7

I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend 7"

Really cool 7" from a classic punk band! This 7" was recorded in 1975! One of the first punk records ever! Very rare and definately worth the money! Only 2 songs though---I wanna Be Your Boyfriend and Judy Is A Punk, but it still kicks ass to have in your collection. It has a huge fuckin' hole in it because it's so old. It's cool though---buy it!!! It's the mother fuckin' Ramones!!!!!!

Ducky from Fresno, CA 
May 5 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Die Optimale Härte/Schimmelbrot -Split 7

Die Optimale Härte/Schimmelbrot
Split 7"

Die Optimale Harte kicks ass!!! Buy this 7" now! Buy everything from this band! Great split 7", two great German punk bands!!!!! Buy it or die!!!!!!!!

Ducky from Fresno, CA 
May 5 2003 Rating: 3/5 Stars
U.F.C. -S/T 7

S/T 7"

This is a pretty good new-street punk 7". UFC is a pretty cool band. A typical new stereo type of a punk band. But whatever, I can get into the music sometimes.

Ducky from Fresno, CA 
Apr 28 2003 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Adolf And The Piss Artists/The Drones -Get Sorted Split 7

Adolf And The Piss Artists/The Drones
Get Sorted Split 7"

This is a really cool 7" by the Drones and Adolf and the Piss Artists. It was recorded at the Get Sorted Tour in '97. They are both cool bands. I would reccomend it. Only 4 songs though, that sux.

Ducky from Fresno, CA 
Apr 28 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Adolf And The Piss Artists -This Is Your Law 7

Adolf And The Piss Artists
This Is Your Law 7"

This is a great 7" by Adolf and the Piss Artists! This is there best 7" ever! This sounds like just plain ol' punk rock, and that's cool---i can get into it. I bought it as a collectors item, and it's only $3.00! If you like this band, buy it! If you haven't heard of this band, you might still wanna buy this to give it a try.

Ducky from Fresno, CA 
Apr 28 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Defiance -No Future No Hope CD
Click for more info

No Future No Hope CD

Defiance is a cool punk band. This is there first recording from 1993. It is also available on vinyl. It has some good tracks, and some bad tracks, but if you like Defiance---it is a must! It is really hard to find on CD.

Displaying 1 to 10 of 30 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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