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Customer Written Item Reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Baudry from Strasbourg, France 
Jan 10 2004 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Cut The Shit -Harmed And Dangerous CD
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Cut The Shit
Harmed And Dangerous CD

Have you ever wondered what it makes to get a slap in the ear? I did, I bought this CD and God, it's not that hurting. 18 songs, 18 minutes, only one hardcore : fast as hell (though not falling under the "Trashcore" category), zero seconds to waste.

Just listen to "Harmed and Dangerous" whenever Valium does not suffice or if your day went all wrong or if you'd like to get like an electrical shock. I cannot put 5 stars to this, because first no album of that kind could get that many and second because no song stands out. Just listen to it fully or forget about it.

And buy this instead of the demo. For fans of Panic, Internal Affairs, Knockdown.

Baudry from Strasbourg, France 
Jan 10 2004 Rating: 4/5 Stars
Stand And Fight -Stand And Fight CD
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Stand And Fight
Stand And Fight CD

How come nobody did take the time/pleasure to write a review earlier? This EP is really good, in the vein of what they already recorded (the Impact DEMO) altough songs follow each other in a more consistent way.

Hardcore included here is a sheer heir, on the one hand, of the 96-98's Old School wave and of Carry On on the other hand. They mix the best of each, altough it cannot but convey already worn out clich├ęs about straight edge which taints it a little bit.

This is a good CD, which is really worth of its price, which is cool to hear and which proves that "Straight Edge Still Lives" - but rethinking should be on the top of the agenda in 2004.

Baudry from Geville, France 
Jan 10 2004 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Stay Gold -Pills And Advice CD
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Stay Gold
Pills And Advice CD

I think this album was a landmark in the hardcore scene/history. It's the first time a band blent melody with hardcore; and above all straight edge with intelligent lyrics (yeah, they're not opponents). You could argue that they sound a lot like Bane.

Let's say it was a simple foundation stone for Stay Gold to emerge. This band produced a pure jewel in 13 songs, to be placed between In My Eyes and Faded Grey (minus the emo touch). Just listen to the first song several times, each one of the album stands out just like this one.

You cannot afford to miss this album if you want to embrace a full view of what hardcore can yield or what it became since 1981. I personally found the album more interesting than the first EP, that you should discover only *after* the LP. Also, try Faded Grey - A Quiet Time of Desperation which is on a par with Pills & Advice. Check out Verse, Blue Monday or For the Crown if you want more.

Baudry from Geville, France 
Jan 10 2004 Rating: 2/5 Stars
On The Rise -Burning Inside CD
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On The Rise
Burning Inside CD

A melodic hardcore album ala Faded Grey with a less lyrical touch. It's good, but far from being perfect.

Although it includes some magical moments (especially the 11th song - featuring Agnostic Front's singer), it strangely gets generic after some time. The NYHC touch on melodic hardcore -albeit an honest try- does not seem to merge happily. Added to that, the singer has got a boring and completely un-melodical style.

Check out For the Crown, What's Done it Done or Stay Gold (obvioulsy!) if you want some good melodic hardcore instead.

Baudry from Geville, France 
Aug 18 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Distance -Die Tradition Die 7

Die Tradition Die 7"

I'm glad to be the first to review this and to have bought this as my first 7" ever. This is a kind of masterisation of their previous demo: 4 songs for this price is really worth it. As much as the vinyl is of transp blue colour!

The songs are really good, and takes only one side to prove. The Distance sounds like Carry On mixed up with Give Up the Ghost, that's would be a good definition. If you loved Carry On's ex guitarist, this could make your day. They play old school-like hardcore, which reminds alot of CxOn's the Line is Drawn 7".

I think "Die Tradition Die" is a really good anthem: it has a nice impact in less than 34 sec, is really fast and encapsulates what this band (and neo-old school? hardcore) is about. This would be one of my/your favorite hardcore songs in the vein of "Roll with the Punches" by Carry On.

I think Carry On fans are now convinced, at least i hope so. Expect some more good from this little band - which by the way has recently signed with Boston's Bridge 9! Hallmark of quality in hardcore...

Finally i must add that this 7" would only deserve 4 stars because it's too short and is not really worth if you already own the demo (which sound better IMO)... but i put 5 thanks to the wonderful packaging and price of this 7"!

Baudry from Strasbourg, France 
Jun 22 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Ten Yard Fight -Hardcore Pride CD
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Ten Yard Fight
Hardcore Pride CD

This is the bomb that awoke the hardcore scene, and started the old school revival wave. I don't think i could add anything to all that has already been said on this CD: buy it if you're entering the hardcore scene. Own it if you love hardcore. Love it if you're happy that hardcore still lives nowadays.

This EP contains their remixed demo in bonus, which is really good. The demo keeps playing with the football team image. Ten Yard really showed originality, not really in their lyrics all about the scene, betraying, breaking the edge bla bla - but in bringing some metaphore in their lyrics. It's clear that hardcore bands find it difficult to diversify them because they all stay down to earth.

This EP is full of anthems (Holding On, Hardcore Pride), it renewed the old school sound from the 80s, and gave Boston its prestige. I think people should try this out before buying "Back On Track" or above all "The Only Way EP". If you discover Hardcore and/or Ten Yard Fight you should also try In My Eyes, Floorpunch and The First Step.

Baudry from Strasbourg, France 
Jun 22 2003 Rating: 4/5 Stars
First Step -Open Hearts And Clear Minds CD
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First Step
Open Hearts And Clear Minds CD

Okay this is a pure wonder if you desperated not to see anymore bands playing Old School hardcore sincerely. Like me. There have very fast and positive songs, and i think it's good to keep bands doing so. Sheer old school sound, and good sXe anthems - i think this band carry something of Ten Yard Fightish.

For some times now, bands have abandoned an old school sound and a positive image. And The First Step would really be the antithesis of a band like Terror, in the lyrics, attitude & values.

The good thing about this CD (contrary to the Vinyl version) is that you get the LP, their remixed demo and a live set - which is really worth it. The criticism one may do towards TFS is that maybe they are TOO old school: they keep doing all the songs on the same pattern and keep being blindly positive. You might have thought that bands could not carry on this attitude nowadays. But maybe that's what pleases in this band.

Baudry from Geville, France 
Jun 22 2003 Rating: 3/5 Stars
Time Flies -Can't Change The Past CD
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Time Flies
Can't Change The Past CD

Well this a collection of Time Flies' MCD and rare songs, so it does not contain an LP's "unity". Anyway this is solid old school hardcore, to place between In My Eyes and Faded Grey. Time Flies has a rather pleasant melodic touch, which makes it sounds different than the all-old-school revival band.

But the CD is not *that* good overall - the good of it being the 5 song MCD at the beginning. The best song on this CD is their "Highfives & Stagedives" anthem. The others lack the "Time Flies" originality. Consequently, this CD deserves no more than 3 stars. I would recommend their LP called "On Our Way", for those who want to discover the band.

By the way, Time Flies broke up in late 2002 i think. This is not a reason to avoid this band! Some members went in The Takeover, which plays really tough hardcore.

Baudry from Geville, France 
Feb 8 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Ten Yard Fight -Back On Track CD
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Ten Yard Fight
Back On Track CD

I wish i could go back to those marvelous days! These days when Ten Yard Fight just put the sXe scene "back on track" with this album. I really consider this gem as the gist of what sXe old school Hardcore could and would be.

If you like hardcore, if mean if you *really* like hardcore the way it was meant to be (no ridiculous metal-i don't know what-core), this CD is by far the best, the most impressive and pure attempt at importing and developing the old school genre, in the 90s.

This band was the most original of their kind, and are truly one of the most important as far as Hardcore is concerned: buy this blindly, if you want to hear what hardcore should be. This piece is the purest of the band, whereas "Hardcore Pride" is more raw and where "The Only Way" lost a part of its rage. As if they already knew they would break up, as if sXe scene had already gained wisdom.

Finally, i must add that TYF "[was] here to stay" until 1998, when they broke up - but don't worry : since last year, Impact was built up including "Wrench", Ten Yard Fight ex-voice. This band will bring his power to this new era! Members of TYF also went to bands like In My Eyes, American Nightmare.

Baudry from Strasbourg, France 
Feb 6 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars
Faded Grey -A Quiet Time Of Desperation CD
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Faded Grey
A Quiet Time Of Desperation CD

You like good hardcore? but hate emo? Faded grey is meant to convince yourself. They really realised by far the best combination of both genre: no mild emo-like lyrics, but politically engaged; no new school hardcore, but old school-like, i'd say. Almost 5 songs really stand out of all.

This album might take you some time before you really appreciate its freshness in hardcore, and its power. I guess that if you like old school harcore, this will suit you -it did to me- especially if you like bands like Stay Gold. But Faded Grey is more interesting and versatile, even if SxG is still a great band. BTW Faded Grey broke up not so long ago, so better not hope anything else released. That's too bad.

Displaying 1 to 10 of 16 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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