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SST 112

Released on November 8, 1988


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Biography for Descendents
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Average Customer Rating: 4 with 5 reviews (See Below)
Customer Rating

Song Titles
# Song Name Popularity
1 All  6%
2 Coolidge Voted #1  28%
3 No, All!  2%
4 Van  4%
5 Cameage Voted #3  11%
6 Impressions  2%
7 Iceman  2%
8 Uranus  2%
9 Jealous Of The World  3%
10 Clean Sheets Voted #2  25%
11 Pep Talk  11%
12 All-O-Gistics  4%
13 Schizophrenia  2%
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Customer Reviews

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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
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Brian from Portland, ME 
Jan 5 2008 Rating: 4/5 Stars

Over all this is a good Descendents album. This isthe album where they kinda stray off the path of the traditional descendents sound. But then again the whole scene at this point in time was doing that. This album has some great songs like coolidge, va,caeage, clean sheets,jealous of the world, pep talk. All was the beginning of the transformation into all. Not just the band but a whole way of life- hence the all-o-gistics, all, and No,All! I like this album a lot and think people are too hard on this album and Enjoy! When you look at the entire career of the descendents and the whole scene in general- this album still holds its own. First time listners might want to shy away from this album till they are more familiar with the band- but everyone else, its a good purchase!

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Kevin from Houston, TX 
Sep 14 2007 Rating: 4/5 Stars

This may be my least favorite Descendents album, yet it is still very good release. There are some good jams on here like "Jealous of the World Again", "Iceman" and so on. I would advise getting this last in your Descendents/ALL collection.

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Jerry from Palatine, IL 
Jan 4 2005 Rating: 4/5 Stars

Well it's defiantly not another "Milo Goes To College" or a "Everything Sucks." “ALL” goes off in different directions musically yet it still offers a few of the classic Descendents gems that you know and love. Songs like Coolidge, Cameage, Clean Sheets and Pep Talk are all great tracks, mainly because they mostly stick to the classic Descendents punk rock formula. The rest of the tracks experiment with slower tempos and different song styles, this is where things can get a bit rough. "Van" has a crazy riff and has silly lyrics but it works quite well. "Impressions" starts off with acoustic guitars & slow melodic intro and then it kicks in at the chorus. It's a decent track. "Iceman" has a strange riff that's in the same style as the song "Van" but this one is just not that interesting. "Jealous Of The World" is a good song that has a angry attitude to it. It almost sounds like the Descendents are trying to be Black Flag in this song. All-O-Gistics is just ok; it's just not a track that you’ll feel like listening to every time you play this CD. "Schizophrenia" is an odd song that is a miss. "Uranus" is an instrumental that's just out there, most of the time you'll skip it. Oh yeah and you can't even really comment ALL & NO ALL since they're not even songs.

So in conclusion, this is not the best that the Descendents has to offer but it is better than "Enjoy!" That and I appreciate the experimenting that they did here; at least they offered something different to the table. The true Descendents fan will still find some bright spots despite the flaws but the casual fan should just stick to Milo Goes To College and Everything Sucks.

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Scott from Norwich, United Kingdom 
Jul 10 2003 Rating: 4/5 Stars

I was expecting more from this album than I actually got. There are however songs such as 'Coolidge'and'Van' which are top class. Its definatly not as good as many other Descendents albums so I'd get 'Everything Sucks', 'I don't want to grow up', 'Two things at Once' before getting this. Good yes if your a fan but tutherwise don't bother. I'm not saying don't buy it tho. My theory:(If enough Descendents records are bought maybe they'll tour again)

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Patrick from Mt. Prospect, IL 
Oct 22 2002 Rating: 4/5 Stars

Really, this deserves three and a half stars. Much better than the previous record, "Enjoy", but its still no "Milo Goes To College". "Coolidge" is one of the best Descendents' songs ever. I don't know what the point of "All" and "No! All" is supposed to be. Is a four second song with one word (or two, in the case of "No! All") supposed to be funny? I can do without all the "All-O-Gistics" crap (ok, you guys like coffee, girls, and farting, I get it already). "Cameage", "Clean Sheets", and "Pep Talk" are also very good, but man, that Bill Stevenson writes some wimpy lyrics. Recommemded to existing Descendents fans, but beginners, don't start here. Get "Milo Goes To College" first, then come back to this at a later date.

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