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Lyndsay Diaries

Remember The Memories

Militia Group 2

Released on June 26, 2001

This item is not available for purchase. Sorry!

Biography for Lyndsay Diaries
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Average Customer Rating: 4.5 with 13 reviews (See Below)
Customer Rating

Song Titles
# Song Name Popularity
1 Fading The Kisses Voted #2  16%
2 Where The Sidewalk Ends  7%
3 Whispers Of A Long Goodnight Voted #1  33%
4 A Farewell To Autumn  4%
5 Dear Lyndsay, No Regrets  4%
6 You Were Right  9%
7 The Magic In The Number Nineteen Voted #3  11%
8 Josephine  2%
9 Wishing Well  3%
10 A Self Portrait  4%
11 Remember The Memories  6%
Come back on or after Tuesday, June 26 to vote for your favorite songs

Customer Reviews

Displaying 1 to 10 of 13 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
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Chad from Astoria, OR 
Feb 20 2005 Rating: 4/5 Stars

Jack johnson style with a whinier voice. Well written lyrics. Very emo cd and you have to be in a very emo mood for this cd to earn a lot of replay in your cd player. solid cd though. For fans of dashboard. If you like them, check out The Spill Canvas.

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Eric from Stein, Netherlands 
Jan 12 2005 Rating: 4/5 Stars

a very beautiful and sincere album. very simple, but good songwriting, which compromises for the "first album" production.

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Ben from Hillsborough, NJ 
Aug 12 2004 Rating: 4/5 Stars

This CD is pretty damn good. And kids, just because he's a guy with an acoustic guitar doesn't mean he's ANYTHING like Dashboard. Dashboard couldn't produce something like this if he wanted to; they have very different styles. So many people just play acoustic guitar and make records, and are they anything like the emo-pinup that is Chris Cabbera? No. Anyway, it's a good CD. First three tracks are real awesome, and I love the insturmental "Remember The Memories." Give them a shot if you like Iron and Wine or Elliott Smith.

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James from Truro, Cornwall, United Kingdo 
Jul 22 2004 Rating: 4/5 Stars

I got this after "the tops of trees..." every1 seems to say that this is better but i prefer Tops... but that doesnt mean its not good! beautiful accoustic guitar with lyrics anyone can relate, perfect for those thundery nights in under the covers. P.s everyone also compares lyndsay diaries to Dashboard but to me there is no camparrision because Scott Windsor has more emotion in his little finger than mr Carraba has in his whole body!

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Jonathon from Albuquerque, NM 
Oct 31 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars

The Lyndsay Diaries were introduced to me in my "I am going to listen to everything on Militia Group" phase of my life. I remember seeing the cover for this album at the record shop that i worked at, but i never bought it. Optioning in "The Tops Of Trees...." instead. I have since fallen in love with this project. Well thought out, simple and heart wrenching... i would tell anyone to buy this CD. i would tell anyone to buy anything from this band in general. if you are looking for something new, and if you do a little song writing yourself (which makes the CD better and more appreciated) BUY THIS... and, i dont care HOW MANY reveiws say that this is like Dashboard Confessional. DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL couldnt create something like this masterpiece if it kicked Chris Carabba in his sad little face. if you like Dashboard, STAY AWAY.

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Al from Grove City, OH 
May 27 2003 Rating: 5/5 Stars

i downloaded a bunch of Scott's songs back in november and i really liked them. (i fell in love with "you were right")i bought this one and his new one but i have to say, this one is by far better then the other one. it is much more raw and less fabricated then the new one. the way he just pours out his heart on a CD is totally amazing. and its not just about girls and all that stuff. its more about life and growing up and that is really awesome. highlights on the cd include tracks 1-4,6,7,9. rock on and LOBEN is totally swank.

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Brian from Ooltewah, TN 
Dec 2 2002 Rating: 5/5 Stars

i hate comparing lyndsay diaries to dashboard, but it's hard not to. "remember the memories" is a good cd, and yes if you like dashboard then chances are you're gonna like lyndsay diaries. there are brief moments on this cd, as well as "the tops of trees are on fire", that the emotion rivals that of any dashboard release. just give it a try and see which you like better... also check out the bright eyes discography.

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Dustin from Lufkin, TX 
Oct 24 2002 Rating: 5/5 Stars

Good cd!!! I started not to like NFG, Good Charlotte, and other bands anymore cause all the posers in my town liked them. Really, makes me mad cause noone liked them a year ago except me and my friends but now they suck. Not really them just their "NEW" fans. But, anyway I decided to try something new and I love MTX cause their different. I don't know how to explain this cd. Its just great.

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Lis from Burlington, NJ 
Feb 18 2002 Rating: 4/5 Stars

this is a very good CD! I guess if you're a Dashboard fan you'll like it. I think, though, that there's more to the Lyndsay Diaries than Dashboard (i.e. piano, organ, synth elements to it) but in the same genre...

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Michael from Savannah, GA 
Aug 10 2001 Rating: 4/5 Stars

Hey, want something that mellows you out or something to cry too? Well, here you go. This cd is good except track 6. The guitar riffs are annoying in that song, but they rest of the cd is good. I will probably like this cd better during the winter while its cold; it has that cool weather aura to it. This is something good to sleep to. Some people will right away assume him as a dashboard confessional ripoff. Nah, this is different; its not as good and as catchy. Theres not too much to sing along to throught the cd, except for a few songs that have some good choruses. I like this cd, but I dont love it and don't listen to it much. If you like acoustic stuff, get this cd, if you're already into dashboard confessional(like them first). This is good for fans of acoustic crybabyish stuff.

Displaying 1 to 10 of 13 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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