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Let the Dominoes Fall (Deluxe w/CD, DVD, Acoustic CD, 3 Posters, 4 Picks)

Epitaph / Ada 87031.2

Released on June 2, 2009


Seminal punk band Rancid - Tim Armstrong (guitar/vocals), Lars Frederiksen (guitar/vocals), Matt Freeman (bass/vocals), and Branden Steineckert (drums) - have set June 2nd for the release of Let The Dominoes Fall (Hellcat/Epitaph), their first studio album in six years. The platinum-selling band recorded at George Lucas' Skywalker Sound Studio, with production by Epitaph Records founder/Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz. Let The Dominoes Fall features nineteen new songs, all written by Rancid. Special guest and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Booker T contributes Hammond B3 organ on one track, "Up To No Good."

"The crew is back doing what we do best," says Armstrong. "We approached every element of this record as a team, and the result is my favorite Rancid record to date."

It's also their most topical. From the unflinching observations of "This Place," "Lulu" and "Locomotive," all of which presage the current economic meltdown, to "The Bravest Kids" which rails against media's kid-glove treatment of the Iraq war, and the mostly acoustic "Civilian Ways," inspired by the soldier's journey of Armstrong's brother to Iraq and back home again, Let The Dominoes Fall feels timely, adamant and alive.

"Last One To Die," the first single from the new album, will premiere on April 7 via a widget available now on Rancid's myspace page. Fans can register to get a personal embed code and then spread the widget to other sites. Every time someone enters valid info into the widget a point will be allotted. The twenty-five people with the most points will receive a pair of free tickets to see Rancid on tour this summer with Rise Against.

Let The Dominoes Fall is Rancid's seventh album and first studio release since 2003's Indestructible, which reached #15 on the Billboard Top 200. That album inspired The Los Angeles Times to hail Rancid as "one of the most popular and enduring of American punk bands," while Rolling Stone called them "brutally exuberant."

Included in the expanded edition of Rancid's first studio album in six years is the regular version of the CD, an acoustic CD of 11 select tracks from the regular version (plus one track not on the regular version) and a DVD called The Making Of The Seventh Record.

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Average Customer Rating: 3 with 7 reviews (See Below)
Customer Rating

Song Titles
# Song Name Popularity
1 East Bay Night  6%
2 This Place  1%
3 Up To No Good Voted #1  15%
4 Last One To Die Voted #2  12%
5 Disconnected  5%
6 I Ain't Worried  4%
7 Damnation  1%
8 New Orleans Voted #3  9%
9 Civilian Ways  4%
10 The Bravest Kids  4%
11 Skull City  2%
12 L.A. River  3%
13 Lulu  5%
14 Dominoes Fall  8%
15 Liberty And Freedom  1%
16 You Want It, You Got It  5%
17 Locomotive  0%
18 That's Just The Way It Is Now  5%
19 The Highway  4%
20 East Bay Night (Acoustic)  0%
21 L.A. River (Acoustic)  0%
22 I Ain't Worried (Acoustic)  4%
23 This Place (Acoustic)  0%
24 Disconnected (Acoustic)  0%
25 Liberty And Freedom (Acoustic)  1%
26 Dominoes Fall (Acoustic)  0%
27 New Orleans (Acoustic)  0%
28 You Want It, You Got It (Acoustic)  0%
29 Outgunned (Acoustic)  1%
30 The Bravest Kids (Acoustic)  0%
31 Last One To Die (Acoustic)  0%
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Customer Reviews

Displaying all 7 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Click to view all reviews by this person
Jeffrey from Carey, OH 
Sep 2 2009 Rating: 2/5 Stars

Time for Rancid to retire. There are some good songs on here, but they are all front loaded, so as the record wears on, it starts to suck. Six years since last release and it sounds like they wrote the songs in the studio. (I think they actually did.) Three posters I don't want, an acoustic version I don't want, guitar picks I don't want, a DVD I don't want. They spent their time and efforts on marketing instead of making good music. Punk rock lite. Bummer.

Click to view all reviews by this person
Kevin from Houston, TX 
Jul 31 2009 Rating: 3/5 Stars

This is a really neat set. You get the full length CD, a acoustic version CD, and a DVD Documentary of the making of this album. More bands need to do this. I was so happy to hear Matt Freeman do more vocals (like the "Let's Go" days) and Lars do less vocals! Yes! I wasn't sure I could stomach listening to another Rancid album, but since they brought Matt Freeman back more (vocal wise. I enjoyed the album.

Click to view all reviews by this person
Mitchell from Milwaukie, OR 
Jun 12 2009 Rating: 2/5 Stars

I don't even know what to say...when I first listened to it I thought it sucked! Now that I have a dozen or more times under my belt I can appreciate it a little more. This album just isn't punk enough. It was good to hear more Matt Freeman, but where the hell is Lars!? Not enough Lars!

Click to view all reviews by this person
Vincent from Medina, OH 
Jun 3 2009 Rating: 3/5 Stars

I hate to give Rancid a 3 out of 5 stars but unfortunately, it is a necessary notion. I love Rancid and have been an avid fan for a long time. This CD is by no means an awful mess, it is quality, just not what the fans would expect. I agree with the other reviews in saying that the ska songs on this album stick out as the most catchy and well written songs. The other side this album picks up on are the sing along songs. East Bay Night, Last One to Die, and Disconnected are three main songs that when you listen to, you will want to replay them over and over and "sing along" right with the chorus. The problem is that out of 19 songs on this album, about 7 are truly worthy to list as Rancid material where the others are bearable but can be easily skipped. I enjoy New Orleans yet with the way Lars is singing it, accompanied by the sound, it feels that it could almost be on his next Bastards album. This Place, Skull City, and LA River are just a few that could have been left for dead. I love Matt Freeman and respect his bassist skills, and on a few songs (from previous records) his voice, but LA River is a terrible song that feels thrown together and his voice hinders it completely. I shriek everytime I hear the "Grease" like lines in the chorus.

The main idea to get from all reviews is that this album has to be thought of as the likes of Indestructible...that is if Idestructible had a B-side/C-side where songs that are not counted as a hit after smash hit, and could dwell where most people would not care if they were ever heard.

The high quality studio producing is killing off the sound of what used to be. Let's Go, ...And Out Come the Wolves, and Life Won't Wait have a strong, raw, punk sound that is in lesser quality but that in itself captures the listener's ear. This "too perfect" sound is starting to stretch Rancid thin, Let the Dominoes Fall is an OK album, but before ever releasing a new one (hopefully they will just leave that idea alone but anything can happen) they need to not worry so much of reaching out to a pop-punk world, and focus more on the basics of true punk rock music that makes any fan envy intelligent lyrics, fast beats, and over all, a lesser, more "real" quality sound.

Click to view all reviews by this person
Eric from Los Angeles, CA 
Jun 2 2009 Rating: 3/5 Stars

Been a HUGE Rancid fan for about 14 years. I was very excited about this coming out and keeping my fingers crossed that it would be better than the last album (Indestructible). It's not. I have to admit the more I listen to it the more I like it...but still. Tim has always had kind of a bad voice but it worked for the kind of music they play. Now it's just BAD on alot of songs. The one style they have on the album that I am pleased with is the ska. I Ain't Worried and Up to No Good are great songs. There are a couple of poppy-punk songs that are also good. East Bay Night is always stuck in my head. You Want It, You Got It is probably the best punk rock song on the album. Other songs are just terrible, both in terms of lyrics and Tim's declining vocals. Lulu, Let the Dominoes Fall, This Place and Disconnected are f'ing terrible.

And another thing; Matt Freeman may be one of the best bass players of all time, but he should NEVER EVER be allowed to sing. Sweet Jesus. His vocals and lyrics on LA River are awful beyond words. To sum it up, Rancid is one of the best punk rock bands ever, Let's Go, Out Come the Wolves and Life Won't Wait are genius, but I think it's time for them to call it a day. It's really hard for me to say that. Damn.

Click to view all reviews by this person
Justin from Billerica, MA 
Jun 2 2009 Rating: 5/5 Stars

Incredible Album. I've really strayed away from Rancid and many Hellcat bands since thier last album, but this has sucked me back in. East Bay Night is a sick song to kick the record off, and theirs an excellant mix of street punk and ska/reggea. I was fucking overwhelmed by the amount of free shit that came with the cd. I got 4 posters, the acoustic cd, the making of dvd, a sticker, and some guitar picks. Can't beat it for 20 bucks. Definitely get this, definitely see these guys with Rise Against this summer

Click to view all reviews by this person
Aria from Peabody, MA 
Jun 2 2009 Rating: 4/5 Stars

I'm a giant Rancid fan, but t I have to admit this four is a little generous.

The deluxe edition of the album was a good choice, because the acoustic cd of this album is very fresh especially in comparison to some of the songs on the album.

This albums lacks the strength and grabbing power that I experienced on all the other Rancid albums. However, I think that most of the songs are fairly solid songs, but the production quality chokes them up a little bit. Some songs could have so much more power (Disconnected, Damnation, etc) if they were given a more a hard hitting recording. There is a stretch of three songs however, "Lulu", "Dominoes Fall", and "Liberty and Freedom" that are fantastic in my opinion. As many of my friends pointed out, the ska songs succeed on this record whereas some of the fore straightforward punk numbers don't. It is nice to hear Rancid experimenting with acoustic. The two acoustic songs on the regular album, blend in a nicely. The acoustic album provides some much more folky/country versions of the album songs, and makes some of them much better ("LA River", "East Bay Night")

There is a fair amount of style mixing on this cd, but its no radical shift. Its by no means a horrible record I'd say. But it definitely needed more. Its the only Rancid record that lacks sort of an idea of continuity. I think they made this because they were pushed to, not because the juices were flowing.

As a fan, there are some things to really appreciate, and some moments that are flat out embarassing. An enjoyable album, maybe not one for the history books though.

Displaying all 7 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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