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Senses Fail

Still Searching (Deluxe Edition with DVD)

Vagrant 443

Released on October 10, 2006


Deluxe Edition, contains a “making of the album” DVD with additional artwork.

Produced by Brian McTernan (Thrice, Snapcase, Circa Survive) in upstate NY, the album shows an incredible rock base while maintaining the band’s signature guitar sounds and melodies. This kind of maturity and growth in the band’s songwriting is a label’s dream come true.

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Average Customer Rating: 4 with 7 reviews (See Below)
Customer Rating

Song Titles
# Song Name Popularity
1 The Rapture  2%
2 Bonecrusher  6%
3 Sick or Sane  11%
4 Can't Be Saved  11%
5 Calling All Cars Voted #3  13%
6 Shark Attack  10%
7 Still Searching Voted #2  15%
8 To All The Crowded Rooms  4%
9 Lost And Found  2%
10 Every Day is a Struggle  3%
11 All The Best Cowboys  5%
12 Negative Space  0%
13 The Priest and the Matador Voted #1  18%
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Customer Reviews

Displaying all 7 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Click to view all reviews by this person
Jay from Pownal, VT 
Sep 3 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars

Personally I think this is their best work, which is really a large goal for them to come out with a great album after member changes. Some very driving and heavy riffs backed up with some good drum beats. Buddy's scream is still bad ass and he is less winy on this album thankfully, I do like SF but his voice would get to me after a little while. I like the chanty sections they through in as well, they really showed their creative side on this album as shown with songs like Shark Attack and Still Searching, the bit faster Sick Or Sane and of course The Priest And The Matador, the new albums answer to the fan favorite 187. For fans and skeptics, you should buy this album even despite the not quite great radio song Calling All Cars.

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Mike from Eugene, OR 
Jan 26 2007 Rating: 5/5 Stars

i was pleasantly surprised with this cd. i thought it would just be a solid release with 4 or 5 tight songs on it but the entire cd is great. of course it has a couple of sleeper songs but for the most part, the songs are vintage senses fail. i have been listening to these guys since before drive thru re-released their first ep and have been impressed with everything they have released. now if only that could translate to their live show... anyways, "shark attack" "the rapture" "cant be saved" and "all the best cowboys have daddy issues" are easily the best songs, the latter being a much different senses fail song but is really addictive. overall the album is darker and in general a little poppier but is a great great cd.

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Chris from Newcastle, Australia 
Dec 28 2006 Rating: 4/5 Stars

Ok, i loved Senses Fail's first couple of releases and i was expecting big things. At first i wasn't really happy with this new album. It sorted of all just sounded the same to me. Then i watched the DVD and was drawn to listen to the cd again. I listened harder and i found a deeper, darker meaning to their songs and i think i like it the best out of all their cd's now. If you really listen to the songs and feel the music, you'll "get" this album. They have some catchy songs and songs that will haunt you long after the album's finished. They tried a few different things on this album and i'm pretty impressed with it now.

The DVD i think goes for about 20-30 odd mins, i actually forget. It's mainly about the behind the scenes of making the album. It has some interesting stuff on it. I always like to see what each of the band members are like, and the Senses Fail crew are down to earth, honest and they really don't care what anyone thinks.

If you like their earlier stuff grab this, it might win over a few new fans too. A solid release and i can't wait to hear what they bring out next!

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Tim from Milton, ON Canada 
Oct 22 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

I for one think this is the best thing Senses Fail have ever done. Everyone else thinks that this is the worst of the three Senses Fail discs, but I didn't think the other two were as infectious or polished or honest or endearing as Still Searching. From the beginning Still Searching asks questions of the listener, questions about faith, about themselves, about love and about life. The CD takes you down the path that singer Buddy Nielson went on before he lost his shit and went crazy with anxiety and had to take pills to calm down. Calling All Cars is easily the greatest song on this CD, it may be radio friendly but I'd rather hear these guys on the radio than any of the bands that are currently getting frequent radio time.

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Carly from Yuba City, CA 
Oct 18 2006 Rating: 4/5 Stars

This is pretty good album--not their best, but still decent. You can tell they've grown as artists by listening to any track on this CD, but I don't think any track in particular stands out as fantastic. I've only listened to this a few times through, but I think I prefer LET IT ENFOLD YOU and FROM THE DEPTHS OF DREAMS. There are some really great lyrics//one-liners in each song. And uncharacteristically, this album has kind of short songs...only three that are over 4 minutes; whereas there they have mostly long tracks on the other two albums. "Calling All Cars" and "Sick or Sane" are probably my favorite tracks...right now anyway. The DVD is entertaining. Looks like Dan likes to use the word "fuck" as much as I do. Hahaha.

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Pontus from Linköping, Sweden 
Oct 16 2006 Rating: 3/5 Stars

On this record Senses fail has developed ther music from the last album. I get a feeling that they have a lot more skills now and they use it realy good this time. The lycris also feels more honest than on the last record, everthing makes more sense this time. “Still searching” is darker than “Let it enfold you” and that is a good thing on this record.

Unfortunately I believe some of the songs need some more edge to be able to stand alone as a strong track, on the record they fit perfect togheter but no track stands out. And it is one thing I don’t understand with one song at the album, I can’t understand why they have put something electronic on the vocals in “all the best cowboys have daddy issues” it is one of the best tracks on the record but the electic thing on the vocols dosen’s fit on the track our on the record, it’s a pitty but still a realy great track. The ending of the album is realy elagant, first an instrumental song “negative space” which fade into “the priest and the matador” which is a beautiful and fantastic song. These two tracks makes the record to one good pice of work, with that kind of ending the record makes senes.

Harmonic music mixed with a great post-hardcore/rock sound and great, honest lyrics makes this album a good album. But something is missing to make it a real hit, maybe some of the songs is a littlebit to radio friendly, and a few songs misses the edge as I wrote. But it is still a great record.

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Scott from Honolulu, HI 
Oct 16 2006 Rating: 3/5 Stars

After having a pretty decent earthquake here in Hawaii, we had a power outage and I had nothing better to do so I listened to this CD a few times. And drank a few beers.

I have to say that this is not Senses Fail's best. The songs lack what they had on the other 2 albums. "Calling all cars" is the best song on the CD, yet it is the most radio friendly song. A bit poopy but a great song none the less. There are a few songs that are OK, like Can't be saved and shark attack. I like the song, The priest and the matador. Definitely the ballad type song on the album. It starts off with an interlude that sounds much like a Christmas song, then turns into a full on Senses Fail style song.

I think Buddy spills his heart out on this album lyrically, but there is nothing special going on here that will make you turn the track back to relisten to a certain song. Overall, the CD is likeable but, again, nothing special going on.

The DVD. The DVD is a making of the album that sort of chronicles their recording sessions. It's nice to watch, pretty entertaining. They talk about where they recorded, what they ate, what they played on the album, how they recorded it, made fun of each other... The DVD wasn't as good as the one that came with Let it Enfold you, but I won't let the comparison kill the DVD, it was a nice watch.

On a brighter note. I got 4 SF stickers and a poster with my preorder. Pretty fucking sweet!

Displaying all 7 customer reviews
Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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