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From First To Last


Epitaph 86779

Released on March 21, 2006



First impressions can often be misleading. Like the sound of a word with two opposing meanings, From First To Last has created HEROINE, an album of contrasts that initially may shock and amaze but will ultimately elevate and inspire. Recording in isolation in the shadow of Mt. Shasta with producer Ross Robinson, From First to Last embarked on an almost mystical mission to create a sound so honest, so urgent, so undeniably pure of intention that there could never be any doubt that it was their own. The result, mixed by Andy Wallace, is HEROINE, a mind-numbing, spine-cracking, jaggedly beautiful foray into hitherto unexplored musical territory.

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Average Customer Rating: 4 with 12 reviews (See Below)
Customer Rating

Song Titles
# Song Name Popularity
1 Mothersound  6%
2 The Latest Plague Voted #1  18%
3 ...And We All Have A Hell  9%
4 Afterbirth  5%
5 World War Me  9%
6 Shame Shame  8%
7 The Crows Are Coming For Us Voted #3  10%
8 The Levy Voted #2  12%
9 Goodbye Waves  6%
10 Waltz Moore  10%
11 Heroine  8%
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Customer Reviews

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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
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Joseph from Columbus, OH 
Aug 29 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

This is their best work yet. Their old stuff was good but this is better.

Anyone who loves their old stuff should enjoy this.

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Mary from Allendale, MI 
Jun 30 2006 Rating: 4/5 Stars

definately differend than "dear diary my teen agsnt has a body count" ... i didnt like it at first but it grew on me and now i love it if ur a fan of fftl pick it up

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Scott from Adelaide, Australia 
May 5 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

This cd is bizzare. Its perhaps impossible to explain. One way i have put it before is that it sounds like a soundtrack to a really really fucked up movie. Its mixed brilliantly, perhaps a little over produced though.

Its way different to 'teen angst...' however its neither better nor worse. On first listen, i was pretty worried but after a few plays it grew and grew on me. Now i really like it. A bit too fucked up for me i think, but still a very good album. Definately at times sends a shiver down the spine. Get it if you liked their first one or are into bands like Thursday.

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Nick from West Lafayette, IN 
Apr 13 2006 Rating: 1/5 Stars

This cd sucks balls. Thats basically all there is to it. There isnt a single thing about it that is good. Plus all the fucking weird sounds make it even worse.

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John from Chattanooga, TN 
Apr 11 2006 Rating: 3/5 Stars

This is not the FFTL that I used to love. The biggest problem that I have with this CD is that the screams are buried beneath layers of distortion and weird noise. Everyone was so psyched to see what Ross Robinson did with thier sound...I for one don't like it.

Granted its not a bad CD, its just not what I expected after DDMTAHBC

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Devon from Camas, WA 
Apr 11 2006 Rating: 1/5 Stars

oh my fucking god this CD is the worst ive EVER heard of fftl

i'm greatly dissapointed in this CD i will not be byeing anymore new CDs from fftl

save ur money and bye a As I Lay Dying or Atreyu cd

sorry it sucks

Click to view all reviews by this person
Kenny from Hill Afb, UT 
Apr 7 2006 Rating: 3/5 Stars

I prefer the older stuff but this has some character. Alot of the songs sound a little bland but still worth a listen

Click to view all reviews by this person
Chris from Bowling Green, OH 
Mar 28 2006 Rating: 3/5 Stars

Okay, here we go. This should be interesting. Let me get a few things out there. First of all, lots of people hate this band because of their fashion, which actually makes sense to me because they do try way too hard to look like they had a shopping spree at Hot Topic. But despite this, their first full-length was really good (their EP sucked, I don't care what you think). It was a bit generic at times and some people just hate emocore in general, but I really enjoyed it for some reason. Despite the fact that lots of people hate them, them their last album was indeed solid for what it was.

This album, however, is completely different. Gone for the most part is the emocore and in comes the emo- industrial- metal... thing. I would like to point out that I really don't care for that kind of music at all. Luckily, knowing who they were before hand saved it for me a little. The best tracks on here are probably the first ones released, "The Levy" and "The Latest Plague." Two other songs, "...And We All Have A Hell" and "The Crows Are Coming For Us" piss me off everytime, because after a huge build up beforehand, the choruses are really weak and lack energy completey. "Mothersound" is pretty good but way too repetitive. Most of the middle tracks are okay I guess but nothing to get excited about. On the other hand, without them, the album would have pretty much nothing besides the singles. "Waves Goodbye" is an interesting slowdown that I actually like. There's not a whole lot to it, but I think it's a nice change of pace. "Waltz Moore," an intimate song about self-loathing that has a strange effect on you. Because while the lyrics seem like they could be heartfelt and honest, you always end up telling yourself that if Sonny is being the least bit insincere, then he deserves a punch in the face for writing something so adolescent and cheesy. The last track, "Heroine," is nothing more than an excuse to end the album, it has some dramatic build ups and so high-pitched howling of the lyrics, but it just fades out into nothingness halfway through.

The artwork had no effect on me whatsoever and I honestly could have done without it. If you looked at the cover, then you pretty much got the concept, with the exception of the random "heroine" female shown posing with each band member. Overall, I was let down by this album, but I wasn't expecting much because as soon as I heard about it, I pretty much knew what it would be. I didn't know if 3 stars was too harsh or too generous, so I guess that means that 3 stars is just right. If you are the kind of person who liked them already, then you will probably love this. Since I'm not a total scenester like many of their fans are, I was able to see the flaws. To each his own, I suppose.

Click to view all reviews by this person
Matt from Washington, NJ 
Mar 24 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

Dude when I 1st heard the CD i didnt like it as much as the 1st 1. But when i heard it the 2nd time i fell in love with this fucking CD. Go and fucking buy 53748364465563457 copies and tell your friends to do the same!!!!!!!!!!!!! The guitar work on this CD is fucking sick!

Click to view all reviews by this person
Trisha from New Iberia, LA 
Mar 22 2006 Rating: 5/5 Stars

this cd is soo amazing. with songs that get stuck in your head like "world war me" and "the latest plague" and mature lyrics that you can take notice to..this is such a buy. there is a lot of electronic experimentation...which is a new side of fftl. it's a little something different, but something you can definitly get used to.

this cd is a widespread disease,nothing you can deny.

so fucking buy it.


Displaying 1 to 10 of 12 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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