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Customer Written Item Reviews

All reviews you read on Interpunk were written by customers that bought a copy of the reviewed item directly from us.


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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk
Aaron from Jacksonville, FL 
Dec 8 2014 Rating:
Against Me! -Transgender Dysphoria Blues CD
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Against Me!
Transgender Dysphoria Blues CD

Most Against Me! fans are probably already aware of the lead singer, Laura Jane Grace (previously known as Tom Gabel) and her coming out as transgender. From what I have gathered this is after a lifetime of living a lie as a man, wishing to be a woman. Finally, she came out and is undergoing the process of transition.

This album is not a sigh, but a scream of relief. I have probably never listened to anything in my life that felt so cathartic as this. Laura's voice hasn't changed one iota, and the lyrics and singing style is still completely in-your-face and unapologetic as ever.

Still, it's simply not as good to me as say Reinventing Axel Rose or Total Clarity, or any number of their other albums. I would venture to say this is at the bottom of their discography for me. Part of that is my perception of their sound becoming a little over-produced, almost pop like (which we heard some of on White Crosses) for the style. During recording, the band underwent major changes, for one, losing their longtime bassist. The other thing is that she is singing very passionately about a subject that I simply don't identify with. It makes its way into most of the tracks on this album, and I just wasn't that into it lyrically.

That being said, give a couple tracks a listen yourself and make up your own mind. If you are a man or woman going through the same crisis as Laura, I think you will get a lot more out of this album than I did, and I wish you the best of luck and understanding from your peers. Although it's not my favorite, I believe this was absolutely essential for Laura as an artist, and I'm excited to hear their next release.

Aaron from Jacksonville, FL 
Dec 8 2014 Rating:
V/A -This Concerns Everyone (Exclusive Silver Vinyl) LP
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This Concerns Everyone (Exclusive Silver Vinyl) LP

Lots of good acoustic tracks on here, and it's going to what I believe is a good cause. Pretty chill overall, with good messages throughout the album. I bought it because it had been too long since I'd subjected myself to some good old-fashioned protest tunes. Helps remind me of the things I care about...and the things I don't.

Overall, I'll give it 3 stars. It's worth a listen, and again, it's a good cause. -2, however, because some of the songs were so preachy and cheesy I actually rolled my eyes and felt embarrassed.

Aaron from Jacksonville, FL 
Dec 8 2014 Rating:
Lagwagon -Hang CD
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Hang CD

Every now and then, I get a hold of an album that makes me stop the music, pick up the phone, and call my friends to tell them about it. This is one of those albums. It's crazy to think about how long it's been since Lagwagon's last release, but I feel in my heart of hearts that this was worth the wait. I listened to Made of Broken Parts about 6 times in a row.

The magnum opus of this album is definitely Obsolete Absolute. It has kind of a lengthy intro that isn't anything special, but the song grows and changes as it moves along, much like that band has, and much like the album it was well worth the wait. It gives me chills, guys! CHILLZ!!!

Pay close attention to the lyrics. Lots of references to the title, "Hang". Worth listening to start-to-finish. 5 Stars because of the goosebumps, and blowing away my expectations.

Kevin from Wyoming, MI 
Oct 18 2014 Rating:
Lawrence Arms -Metropole CD
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Lawrence Arms
Metropole CD

Wasn't as good as "Oh! Calcutta!" Which is one my favorite cds of all time but its pretty good. Worth the buy. Id get "Buttsweat and Tears" before this one Id say its a little bit more up to par.

Vince from Easton, PA 
Oct 9 2014 Rating:
American Music Press (AMP) -#25 (Includes Bonus CD) Zine
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American Music Press (AMP)
#25 (Includes Bonus CD) Zine

It is always fun to read back issues of a magazine. AMP was always a fun read. Interviews with Bane, Streetlight Manifesto, Lifetime, Gorilla Biscuits, Anberlin, Fall Out Boy, +44, and more. Also includes a c.d. as always.

Vince from Easton, PA 
Oct 3 2014 Rating:
Bane -Give Blood (Reissue) LP
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Give Blood (Reissue) LP

A great release by Bane. Triple B Records did a great job with the packaging of this album. Crazy seeing the photo of Bane and Green Day. My vinyl came on black vinyl.

B.l. from Oshawa, ON Canada 
Sep 11 2014 Rating:
Cough -Sigillum Luciferi CD
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Sigillum Luciferi CD

Tune down, smoke up. Most definitly, hold on... yeah thats better. lots of distortion n awesomeness. like a mix of eyehategod, bongzilla, n electric wizard. not for the faint of heart. bought this after buying their second cd "ritual abuse" on a whim. thankfully i did. i found it weird that the first cd on a much smaller label was here. not the second cd which is released through relapse records. these guys have become one of my favorite doom/stoner/sludge bands.

Chad from Doylestown, OH 
Sep 6 2014 Rating:
Plaid Disasters -The Blind Leading The Blind CD
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Plaid Disasters
The Blind Leading The Blind CD

I'm getting a bigger bang for a buck on this CD. No I'm not joking. There selling this album for one dollar. 20 songs plus a secret track after a 5 minute gap of silence. Checking cell phone messages , making weird noises and playing 2 songs How Far We've Come & Kill Yourself To This Song both acoustic. Its way longer than the original version. Your getting 70 minutes of material on this disc. If you can't get this CD for a buck then you got problems plain and simple.

Travis from Canton, NC 
Jul 21 2014 Rating:
Pseudo Heroes -Nostalgic Lies... CD
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Pseudo Heroes
Nostalgic Lies... CD

Not sure if this is considered an EP or an album, but with 10 songs, I'm going with the latter. Pseudo Heroes feature members of Down By Law and Pink Lincolns, and definitely bring back the Big Drill Car / Samiam / Doughboys love. Their first two releases stuck to that basic formula, but since then, have explored various styles of punk rock, all while keeping the early 90's style melodic punk as the foundation. I'm glad I picked this up again before it went out of print (kiddos, never ever let soon to be ex-girlfriends borrow your music). Do yourself a great service and get this along with their other three cd's, it's a safe bet. I can't believe this was released nine years ago. While it seems doubtful, I hope to hear more from them in the future.

Eric from Alhambra, CA 
Jul 15 2014 Rating:
Forgetters -Forgetters CD
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Forgetters CD

This post Jets To Brazil project goes back to a more Jawbreaker approach. At first it was hard for me to give this band a chance. I am an extremely loyal Jets To Brazil fan, and was very upset when JTB called it quits. So when Blake started a new band eight years later it was hard for me to know what to make of all of it. When i first heard the Forgetters debut EP i was extremely disappointed at the sound quality and and overall makeup of the songs. This was not a proper follow up to the masterpiece "Perfecting Loneliness". I was ready to throw in the towel at this post Jets To Brazil project, so when the forgetters LP was released i wasn't too excited about it. Once i discovered the female bassist from the first EP quit the band and Jets To Brazil producer J. Robbins was playing bass and producing the new album i decided to give it a chance. Although the Forgetters are not a super group like JTB once was, it doesn't change Blake's knack for being a brilliant song writer and lyricist. This album really started to grow on me. I have listened to it everyday for the last two months and it keeps getting better and better. Blake Schwarzenbach is a brilliant musician and this album is a worthy predecessor to the Masterpiece "Perfecting Loneliness". Blakes genius as an Artist is aspiring, and choosing to follow up on his latest work was a good decision. Picking up this album is a must for any hardcore Jawbreaker or Jets To Brazil fan.

Displaying 1 to 10 of 500 reviews
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Reviews are written by people that purchased this item from Interpunk

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